Gabrielle Union Explains Why She’s Not Ashamed To Eat Butt, Other Women Shouldn’t Be Either

Posted On : October 20, 2017
Gabrielle Union

Actress Gabrielle Union stopped by Sway In The Morning to promote her new book, We’re Going to Need More Wine. While Union discusses her relationships and connections with celebrities, she doesn’t consider her book a celebrity tell all book. Union’s book is more so a memoir, a collection of stories so to speak that are funny and honest. In the book, Union talks about her former marriage and her current marriage to NBA star, Dwyane Wade. She also reveals what it was like to party with Prince and work with actor Heath Ledger. Most importantly, the book is empowering for women as Union encourages women to be open about their sexuality. On Sway In The Morning, the Being Mary Jane Star shared that women and men shouldn’t be ashamed to admit that they enjoy certain sexual acts.

Being Gabrielle Union:

Gabrielle Union is not someone to hold back her thoughts. Recently, she stopped by Sway In The Morning to discuss her book, We’re Going to Need More Wine, as the book is a collection of funny and shocking stories about Gabrielle Union. One of the stories that stands out, was the story of Union pleasuring herself at the age of 5. Speaking that self-love is the best love, Union revealed that she discovered that pleasuring herself made her feel amazing. In the book, Union reveals that she had a stuffed animal as a child with a big tummy. Laying on the bear as a child, Union began to hump the animal and eventually enjoyed herself.

Gabrielle Union’s new book ‘We’re Going to Need More Wine’ is a collection of funny and emotional essays.

In her interview, Union speaks openly about sexual empowerment. Union believes in sexual reciprocity as women should enjoy sexual relations as much as men. Gabrielle shared that she was speaking to a young girl who shared her sexual experience with her. The young girl revealed that she provided oral sex on her boyfriend but he did not reciprocate. Union encouraged the girl to ensure that her man equally pleasures her by not only providing oral relations but that the man she eat the groceries too. While Union didn’t explicitly state that Wade tosses the salad, given her stance on women sexual empowerment, it was implied that Union and Wade pleasure each other equally from the rootie to the tootie. For Gabrielle, it’s a liberating moment to openly admit that you pleasure your mate. It’s nothing that anyone should be ashamed of.

Gabrielle Union’s first book, We’re Gonna Need More Wine, an autobiography, debuted this week and gets super personal.

Now, does Dwyane Wade like to get his salad tossed? Maybe, according to his wife, nothing is off the table. Gabrielle Union stated that even though men will deny it, they enjoy a little backdoor love from women and they’re singing a completely different tune in the bedroom. While Union stated in her book that her relationship with Wade isn’t perfect, she called him her “best friend”. Union referred to her marriage as “the time of my life” with the man she loves. With as happy as they look in photos all the time, other couples should take note and liberate themselves as well.

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Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!