Video Goes Viral: Man in California Stages A Racial Profiling Stunt To Propose To His Girlfriend

Posted On : April 17, 2019

Most people use sweet or romantic themes when they’re picking the perfect way to propose to their significant other. However, a black man in California must have been thinking of the perfect way to scare his girlfriend into marriage because he chose to be inspired by news ripped straight from the headlines. In an unconventional twist Princeton Jones of Hanford, California enlisted the assistance of a local police officer when he proposed to his girlfriend by doing so after a fake traffic stop.

Man With A Plan


NewsOne reports Princeton and his girlfriend Jamicia Johnson were both on their way to a family gathering when they were pulled over by police officer Mark Carillo. It started out fine with Officer Carillo asking Princeton for his license and registration, however things took a turn towards the frightening when Officer Carillo asked Princeton to step out of his vehicle. But it was all a part of the prank.

“We devised a little plan and I told him, ‘Hey, I’ll pull you over,’ and he goes ‘Well I have really loud music in my car I can bump my music,’” Carillo told local a news station on Saturday.

Meanwhile inside the car a nervous Jamicia sat and waited patiently while both Princeton and Officer Carillo continued with the routine traffic stop. Soon, family and friends came outside to see what was going on, yet they weren’t in on the plan either. What happened next was a complete shock and surprise to everyone watching.

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