(Video) The Heartwarming Story Of How LeToya Luckett Met Her Fiancé

Posted On : August 18, 2017
Former Destiny Child’s member, Letoya Luckett, is madly in love with Dallas entrepreneur Tommicus Walker.

Love is in the air! Letoya Luckett surprised us all after she shared a photo of herself donning an engagement ring. After a recent divorce, the R&B singer found love again and she is getting married. Speaking exclusively to Essence magazine, she revealed how she met the man of her dreams.

How Letoya Met Tommicus:

Letoya Luckett was doubtful that she would find love again. The singer and Aventer Gray, the wife of Pastor John Gray, are good friends. On the season finale of OWN’s The Book Of John Gray, Letoya shared with her friend that she was having bad luck in the love the department. While she believed in love, she didn’t think it would happen for her. Encouraging her to speak to John, Aventer was hopeful that her husband would offer Letoya the advice she needed. Letoya revealed to Pastor Gray about her desires to be married. On the show, Gray told Luckett that her husband was, in fact, coming. It appears that Pastor Gray knows what he’s talking about.

Letoya Luckett revealed to Pastor John Gray that she had been praying for a good man.

While attending a friend’s wedding, Luckett had a conversation with her friend, designer Nikki Chu. After revealing to her friend that she had been praying for a husband, Chu had the perfect person in mind. Nikki began to tell Letoya about her boyfriend’s brother, Tommicus, and Letoya liked what she heard. So, she agreed to have Nikki give her number to Tommicus but she had one request.

I thought, oh, he sounds amazing – a man of God, a good father – and I trusted her because she’d really gotten to know him over a few years, Luckett explained to Essence. I asked her not to tell him my full name or anything about me,” said Luckett.

Luckett and Walker immediately bonded over their faith.

Luckett and Walker began talking on the phone with Tommicus still not knowing that he was conversing with a celebrity. Both being from Texas and strong in their faith, Luckett and Walker spoke like old friends. The chemistry was automatic as they prayed together and shared their favorite scriptures over the phone. After a few weeks of talking, Walker flew out to Los Angeles with his daughter to meet Luckett in person so they could have a proper first date.

Immediately the chemistry was there, she said. We started talking and laughing. He’s from Texas just like me. Talking to him felt like being home again. We talked for a few weeks and he still didn’t know what I looked like or my full name or anything like that. After a few weeks of talking, we were praying together on the phone and reading scriptures and everything like that, Luckett shared.

Surprisingly, even when they met in person, Walker still didn’t realize who Luckett was. Eventually, Luckett’s true identity was revealed after her best friend, Eudoxie Bridges, called her on Facetime. Walker overheard her ask Luckett “Does he know who you are now?”. Once the cat was out the bag, Walker revealed that he had a crush on Luckett in high school. After speaking with her on the phone for weeks, Luckett now had Walker’s heart.

Letoya decided to keep their relationship out of the public eye so that the two could really get to know each other.

On Walker’s birthday, Letoya worked with Nikki to plan him a surprise birthday party. What Letoya didn’t know is that Walker was working with Nikki too. He was planning to propose to Letoya in front of all their family and friends. In the middle of Ocean Prime restaurant, Walker got on one knee and asked Letoya to marry him. She excitedly said yes! Her friend, Nikki Chu, was in tears as she hugged her friend, Letoya, happy that she found her Prince Charming.

Walker created a custom video to showcase their love story (watch below) that played for all to see when he proposed.

See The Proposal Below:

That one time @letoyaluckett planned a surprise Bday dinner for @iamtwalk2 but he had a bigger surprise for her 💍 Congrats y'all!!!

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I’m still overjoyed and bouncing off the walls, she said. It’s hard to put into words exactly how I’m feeling right now. It’s just joy – straight up joy.

And, just when it seemed Luckett’s love story couldn’t get any realer, she recalled the time she introduced Walker to Pastor Gray and after they talked, Gray began to tear up and turned to her and said, “That’s him!”

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!