Video Surfaces Of Police Officer Tommy Asking The Love Of His Life To Marry Him

Posted On : November 5, 2017
Officer Tommy Norman

America’s favorite police officer from North Little Rock, Arkansas, Tommy Norman,is known for his social media posts. Before he was told to stop posting while on duty, Norman became a viral sensation as he became popular for showing a positive side to police officers. Mostly his videos focused on urban areas where Norman interacted with children. Instead of going viral for his community policing efforts, Norman is sparking media attention for another reason.

Here’s What Happened:

On Friday night, Officer Tommy Norman was attending the birthday party of his longtime girlfriend,  Rosalynd Guiden. While attending the party, Officer Norman dropped to one knee and asked for her hand in marriage while Rosalynd’s son Reilly looked on.

Officer Norman thanked Rosalynd for allowing him to be in her life and her son’s life before he proposed.

Before the proposal, Norman shared that he had been looking forward to celebrating Guiden’s 30th birthday party as all of their family and friends were present. The 45 year-old officer shared that he first met Guiden at a Walgreens three years ago and it was love at first sight. Showing his romantic side, Officer Tommy shared that Rosalynd’s deserves the best and that he cherished the memories of their first kiss and the first time that she shared that she loved him. Officer Norman spoke from the heart and simply stated that he feels he doesn’t deserve Guiden because she’s perfect. While sharing his love for Guiden, he even reflected on a trip to Denver Mountain where Rosalynd stood by his side as he is afraid of heights.

On Friday night, Officer Tommy Norman proposed to his girlfriend Rosalynd Guiden at her 30th birthday party.

After sharing all the beautiful things that he loves about his longtime girlfriend, Norman then shared that he didn’t bring a gift to wrap. Suddenly, Norman pulled out a small gray box out of his pocket which brought Guiden to tears. It was at that moment that she knew that Tommy was about to propose. With screams from the audience, Norman dropped to one knew to ask the love of his life to marry him. So excited, Guiden was very emotional as she took a moment before saying yes. As the couple danced, Guiden eventually shook her head yes.

Congrats to the happy couple!

See Officer Tommy Norman Propose Below:

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!