[VIDEO] Kevin McCall Finally Admits Real Reason Why He’s Been Bashing Eva Marcille & Her Man

Posted On : December 11, 2017

Kevin McCall has fans everywhere scratching their heads. First, he blamed Eva for his downfall. Now, he’s admitting that it’s definitely deeper than just Eva moving on. Apparently, Kevin’s money is a little funny because he actually admitted he’s broke.

‘Broke’ & Asking For Prayers:

After going off on Eva, Kevin admitted all of his money went to legal fees during his custody battle with Eva. Kevin posted a video with a caption that explained his situation. “I ain’t gone even front. I aint wanna say sh*t but after paying my retainer fees for my baby Marley I’m broke have no money or food and I’m just tired of all the lies and hate society trying to place on corporation we call @kevinmccalljrofficial we built this business from scratch we can’t let you tear it down. Pray.”


Flipping the Script:

The latest confession from Kevin McCall follows a series of posts about his ex. With all of the drama surrounding his bashing Instagram posts about Eva Marcille, their daughter, and Eva’s new man, Mike Sterling, you’d think he absolutely hates Eva and wants nothing to do with their child. In a nutshell, he made it seem as if Eva was the worst person on earth. But a couple days ago, the famed “Deuces” producer made a total 360 when he posted another photo of his ex that included a very confusing caption. Maybe Kevin was just feeling nostalgic but for a minute he seemed as if he misses his ex. As previously reported, Kevin turned quite a few heads when he posted a photo of Eva’s baby bump. “Even though we’ve both moved on and found new love and new life- I remember that smile I put on your face when I gave you your 1st baby bump,” he wrote in the caption.

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Kevin is starting to sound a lot like Tyrese, these days. But, we hope everything gets better for him.