People Shocked When Pics Surface Of Sheree Whitfield’s Alleged Prison Fiance’

Posted On : August 1, 2017
Real Housewives Of Atlanta star, Sheree Whitfield, is alleged engaged to former Hip-Hop promoter Tyrone Gilliams who is in prison.

It appears that Kenya Moore isn’t the only housewife that’s found love. Rumors are flying that Sheree Whitfield is allegedly engaged to Tyrone Gilliams, a former hip hop promoter who is currently in prison. Interestingly enough,  during a  “Watch What Happens Live”  visit, Andy Cohen asked Whitfield if she was engaged to Tyrone Gilliams to which she responded by saying that they were just friends.

See That Clip Below:

According to Bossip, Sheree and Tyrone are a bit more than friends as pictures of them surfaced with Tyrone wearing a green jumpsuit as Sheree was wearing a big ole’ smile. In the pictures, Whitfield is seen wearing a shirt with the word “wifey” as she and Gilliams are all booed up and it looks as if they are in a relationship.

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Tyrone Gilliams is an intelligent man with an Ivy League education as he is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he once played basketball. Gilliams was known for living a lavish lifestyle as he was once an acquaintance of Sean “P.Diddy” Combs deeming himself as a hip hop promoter. Addicted to attention, Gilliams was accused of taking money from investors and putting that money into renovating his home, a gold business, and promoting a comedy show in the Bahamas.

According to The Daily Pennsylvania, Gilliams convinced Florida investors that he was a skilled commodities trader with the ability to returns their investment as high as five percent per week.

He claimed to have a U.S. Treasury STRIPS Trading program where he would pool money from investors to have buying power to purchase large shares of STRIPS and that the investment was “virtually risk-free.”

“Fly Ty took my girl back in ’94, and now he’s givin’ back to the community,” Diddy announced at the Joy To The World event in 2010.

Calling him the black Robin Hood, Gilliams is also known for using 1.3 of laundered money to put on a charity event called, Joy To The World, in 2010. The event was not only a charity event but it also served as an album release party for Jamie Foxx. The night before Christmas Eve, the fundraising gala took place at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia with a food giveaway for 5,000 people in need, a gospel concert, a bowling party, a children’s event at the Convention Center.

Gilliams reign at the top didn’t last for long as , he was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison in 2013 for swindling more than $5 million from investors. He was also ordered to make restitution to his victims.

Now that the pictures have surfaced, I wonder if this will be Sheree’s story line this year?

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!