(Video) Paralyzed Wife Thrives After Her Deranged Husband Shot Her 10 Times

Posted On : October 28, 2017
April Ross and her late husband,  Trenard McConnell

April Ross was a district attorney who married the man of her dreams, Trenard McConnell.  In her profession, Ross dealt with the worst kinds of criminals every day. Her profession is one of the reasons why no one knew or suspected that her husband was abusive towards her for years. Recently, Ross was featured on the show The Doctors where she shared her story of surviving domestic violence.

Here’s Her Story:

April Ross met Trenard McConnell in high school. He was an extremely popular boy and Ross felt lucky to be dating him. McConnell had an attractive personality with a lot of charisma. Despite the fact that he could be very sweet, Ross shared that at times he could be very mean. However, McConnell’s evil side was something that many people didn’t see because Ross kept it a secret. Ross shared that her relationship with McConnell was off and on. As their relationship grew, she decided to do whatever she could to make him happy, however, she often felt like it wasn’t enough. In 2009, she decided that she was done with McConell’s alleged womanizing ways and she was ready to move on. Despite the fact that McConell was allegedly a horrible boyfriend, Ross remained in a relationship with him and even married him in 2011.

April Ross married her high school sweetheart in 2011.

Ross decided to begin her life with McConnell by leaving the past behind. She shared on The Doctors that she was not planning to bring any baggage from their relationship into their new marriage. She was willing to give him a chance. In the beginning, April was excited about the life with McConnell, but, by the end of 2013, Ross knew that it was clear the marriage wasn’t working. She left the home she and her husband shared in January of 2014.

I filed for divorce April 23, gave him the papers April 24 and this happened April 25, she said. And I can tell you I never thought something like this would ever happen.

On April 25th, 2 days after McConnell was served with divorce papers, Ross, a Fulton County prosecutor, was sitting in her car with a former co-worker, Levon Hailey, when they were shot multiple times by her estranged husband, Tranard McConnell. McConnell shot Ross three times: in the right side of her face, breaking her jaw; in her right forearm, where she now has a titanium rod; and in her back, causing a spinal injury which has left her with little feeling below her chest and without the use of her legs. It’s unclear the number of times Hailey was shot.

She was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital where she had six surgeries inside of a week. At some point, she was told her husband killed himself the same day he shot her.

April Ross and her late husband, Trenard McConnell, were high school sweethearts. Everyone loved them and called them the “perfect couple”.

Fortunately, April survived the shooting, but she is now paralyzed from the chest down. Ross is unable to move her hands or body and cannot feel cold, heat, or pain. She requires a daily caregiver along with assistance from her mom, as she is now in a wheelchair.

You can get really lost in a dark place if you stay there. You have to start from where you are today, and move forward, April said on The Doctors. I just started to focus on trying to find me again.

Not willing to let her disability define her, after countless surgeries and extensive rehabilitation at the Shepherd Center in  Buckhead, Georgia, Ross fought her way back. She resumed her role as a Fulton County District Attorney. Her office has been modified to meet her needs.

April Ross is wheelchair-bound with a paralysis caused by her estranged husband, who shot her and then killed himself on April 25, 2014.

Despite the fact that April has a very supportive family, she still was faced with some financial challenges. In an effort to encourage her, The Doctors were happy to surprise her with a generous gift. They provided April with six months of counseling, an adjustable bed that will allow her to wake up and get going on her own, as well as a $15,000 customized  wheelchair. On top of all of that, she will receive $10,000 of personal home care.

Don’t let that disability define what you can do, April said.

See April Sharing Her Story Below:

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!