(Video) See The Heartwarming Moment Where A Man Proposed To His Girlfriend And Her Daughter

Posted On : January 21, 2018

Grab your tissues. PEOPLE magazine shared a touching video of a man proposing to his girlfriend and her daughter. The video has gone viral with several people praising the man and using the video as a reminder that there are still some good men in the world.

The video begins of @envyyy_mee standing in her home with her boyfriend on his knee. On her Instagram page, @envyyy_mee jokingly shared that she had just gotten off work and had taken her wig off. She had no idea that she would be proposed to. Additionally, she had no idea that the video would go viral.

The video begins with the unknown man stating that he had been planning to propose to his girlfriend for quite some time. When the unknown man met @envyyy_mee, she explained to him that she and her daughter were a packaged deal. While there are lots of uncertainties in the world, the young man was certain that he wanted @envyyy_mee and her daughter to be in his life. Not only did he ask @envyyy_mee to marry him, he also asked her daughter too. It’s pretty clear that he loves both women as @envyyy_mee’s Instragram page is full of videos with her daughter and fiancée spending time together. In the video, we learn that the man is not the little girl’s biological father but he definitely has stopped up and been an awesome dad.

With tears in her eyes, @envyyy_mee happily said yes. Her fiancée placed a ring on her finger as well as her daughter’s finger. It is the sweetest thing and you’ll definitely shed a tear or two. Many people congratulated the couple calling the man a “real man”. Here are some of the reactions to the video:

Love still exists!!! And great gestures and great man! ! Thanks for sharing!!!! Love wins!!!

?? his mama done done good and so did his pops. What a beautiful man and family to be

Now that’s a real man, his momma & daddy sure raised him right .we need more men like him. ????? congrats ? to them three amazing family. ???

congratulations ? happy tears! that is awesome!

My daughter is not a baby she have 11 but can someone do this for me in a not that that far future? ?❤ #loveit

Good man right there!!!

Real man ??very romantic ?

Congrats to the happy couple!

See The Heartwarming Moment Below: