(Video) Sex Expert, Auntie Angel Responds To ‘Girls Trip’ Using Her ‘Grapefruiting’ Technique

Posted On : July 23, 2017
Auntie Angel claims to be the originator of the grapefruit method that was demonstrated by Tiffany Haddish in Girl’s Trip.

If you’ve seen the movie Girl’s Trip, then I’m sure after exiting the movie you probably went to the grocery store and purchased a grapefruit. In case you’re puzzled by that statement, there’s one memorable scene in the movie where Tiffany Haddish’s character, Dina, shares with her girls a sexual technique using a grapefruit. No doubt once you see the movie you’ll find that scene hilarious. In an interview with Essence, Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish jokingly reveals that she’s been “grapefruiting” long before seeing sex expert Auntie Angel’s video. Auntie Angel claims to be the originator of that method but Haddish disagrees.

Have you ever heard of the term “grapefruiting”? In the movie Girl’s Trip, using a banana and a grapefruit, Dina, played by Tiffany Haddish, gives her friends a vigorous blow-job tutorial. Speaking with Vanity Fair, Haddish revealed that she came across  “grapefruiting” after seeing it on YouTube, demonstrated by sexpert Auntie Angel.

I came across some of her videos back in 2012 myself and was like ‘This lady is off the chain,’ she says.

Interestingly enough, when speaking with Essence, Haddish revealed that after watching Auntie Angel’s video, she implied that the sexpert was stealing her moves. Haddish claims she’s been “grapefruiting” since 2002 and that she often jokes about it on stage in her comedic routine. Despite the fact that Auntie Angel created a video demonstration, Haddish gave the impression that the oral sex technique, “grapefruiting”, was her idea.

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Meet Sexpert Auntie Angel:

Auntie Angel

Meet sexpert Auntie Angel! She is widely known for “Grapefruit Technique” in which she models for ladies how to use the fruit to orally please your man. The video went viral in 2014 and the technique was incorporated in the movie, Girl’s Trip. Angel told TooFab the ladies had it almost right.

Use a condom! Which of course Jada didn’t do in the movie, Angel said. There are chances that citrus can get into his urethra and he can have a bad experience, and of course, they proved that in the movie.

While Angel reveals that no one from the movie Girl’s Trip reached out to her, she believes that they watched her demonstration video and incorporated in the film. She thought the scene was very funny and that Haddish did a good job.

No, no one ever reached out. I assumed that they just saw my video because it shows step-by-step how to do the grapefruit technique, so me watching [the movie] I knew that’s where they got it from. They cut the sides and put the hole in it, and that’s everything I explain in my grapefruit-ting technique video, Auntie Angel shared with Too Fab.

Just like in the movie, some couples have had bad experiences with the grapefruit technique. In her video, Auntie Angel gives friendly reminders to keep in mind before using the grapefruit.

I get a lot of stories where — just like in the video, I explain to people to find out if their mate is allergic to grapefruit, you can always use a naval orange, and a lot of women still don’t have the conversation with their man. And that’s something that I really stress. Guys have actually emailed me saying how they have had to go to the emergency room, how I’m teaching women to rape men with fruit, and that they’re not doing it right.

Auntie Angel revealed that she came up with the “Grapefruit Technique” after watching a porno of a woman performing oral sex on a man using fruit. So, she decided to go to the kitchen and she used an orange. One day she was out of oranges and all she had was a grapefruit. She tried it with her mate and the rest is history.

I used the grapefruit in the same way that I used the orange, and I did the whole stroking, and sucking, and he said, Oh my god, it feels like you’re having sex with me and fellatio at the same time! So I stared telling all my friends since the ’90s about “grapefruit-ing.”

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