(Video) Students Help Their Professor’s Boyfriend Propose In The Most Beautiful Way

Posted On : April 8, 2018

It’s obvious that the nursing students at Bethune-Cookman University love their instructor, Professor Miriam Laffoon. As Professor Laffoon was headed to work, she had no idea just how special her birthday would be. With the help from her students, Laffoon experienced a birthday that she would never forget.

Miriam Laffoon received the surprise of her life when she came to work. (Screenshot From Proposal Video)

Students Help Their Professor’s Boyfriend Propose In The Most Romantic Way:

As Miriam Laffoon entered her office building, she was greeted by her student, Desiree. Like any teacher, she asked Desiree why she wasn’t in class. The student laughed and told Laffoon to turn around. Laffoon turned around and to her amazement, her office door was decorated with balloons and a poster that read ” Happy Birthday”.  The fun didn’t stop there and the tears began to roll as Laffoon learned that someone special put a birthday cake on her desk adorned with sunflowers. Laffoon was so touched as she repeatedly asked who decorated her office. Remaining secretive, her student replied that a historic moment occurred as she had never seen Ms. Laffoon cry. Urging Ms. Laffoon to hurry up, Laffoon is encouraged to go to class as Desiree knows that there is more in store. Ms. Laffoon continued to try to guest who her admirer was. At one point, she asked if it was Ms. Baker.

When Ms. Laffoon walked down the hallway, she was encountered by a sea of nursing students and staff members who each held sunflowers. By now, one could guest that sunflowers must be Ms. Laffoon’s favorite flower. Instructor Laffoon is so loved by her students that they each held a sign that explained why they loved her. From her students. viewers learned that Ms. Laffoon is a hardworking, funny instructor that encourages and cares about her students. Overwhelmed, Ms. Laffoon hugged each of her students as she walked down the hall. When Ms. Laffoon finally reached her classroom, more students were there prepared to give Laffoon her sunflowers and a hug. If that wasn’t enough, they all sang happy birthday to her. If you haven’t started crying yet, you may want to grab some tissues. Just when Instructor Laffoon thought the surprises had ended, her student informed her that there was one more person who wanted to show her love. In shock, Ms. Laffoon’s boyfriend, Derrick El Dorado Griffin walked to the front of the classroom with a balloon in his hand.

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As the room silenced, Giffin got down on one need and said the following:

From the first time I met you I had a crush on you, he began. And I still have a huge crush on you to this day. You bring peace to my life and balance. With all that said, I want to ask you to marry me.

Ms. Laffoon said yes and cried lots of happy tears. At the end, Laffoon’s students made an enlarged sunflower picture frame that read, Congratulations. So thankful for the entire experience, Laffoon took to Facebook to thank everyone involved.

Thank you for all of the Happy Birthday wishes, kind words and “Congratulations!” I am very overwhelmed with the love that has been shown! I don’t know how the video went viral and I keep asking myself, why me? The LOVE that has been shown from my friends/fam, co-workers, students, strangers across the Country and most importantly Derrick El Dorado Griffin❤️—I’ve never expected anyone to make such a big deal about my birthday, so it obviously touched me. The symbolism of every sunflower on the cake, to the ones I was handed, the words from my nursing students and thennnnn a beautiful proposal that I had zero inclination of…left me speechless? …Thank you all from the bottom of my heart…

See The Romantic Viral Video Below:

This morning my teacher got proposed to on her Birthday . My classmates and I, a few of the instructors including her fiancé had the pleasure of putting all of this together. ❤️❤️❤️????? we love you Ms.Laffoon ❤️❤️❤️ my teacher getting married!!!!???❤️❤️❤️

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