(Video) Texas Woman Died After She Called 911 Begging For Help But No One Arrived

Posted On : February 11, 2018

The family members of  Dallas, Texas woman, Deanna Cook described her as the star of their tight knit family. Deanna was a loving gentle woman who was a mother to two young daughters. She was very close with her mother and called her regularly every night on her way from work. When her mother didn’t hear from her, she knew something was wrong. By Sunday, no one in Deanna Cook’s family had heard from her and they were definitely worried. So. they decided to go to her home and they were horrified by their discovery.

According to Crime Watch Daily, Vickie Cook, Deanna’s mother, Deanna’s daughters, and Deanna’s sister Karletha, ventured out to Deanna’s home after church in August of 2012. The family called the police for help as they told them that they believed Deanna was missing. The operator insisted that they phone the hospitals and jails first. Refusing to send the police, Deanna’s mother and sister decided to break down the door. Deanna’s home was quiet but a loud smell hit them as soon as they opened the door.

I’ve never smelled death before, said Karletha to Crime Watch Daily. The house was like clean, but it was water everywhere, said Vickie to Crime Watch Daily. And I was howling ‘What’s going on, what’s going on?’

Following a stream of water, upon arriving to Deanna’s room, they discovered the scene of a brutal fight. Deanna’s table and her things were flipped over and her family feared the worst. When they opened Deanna’s bathroom, they found her strangled, drowned and decomposing in a running bathtub.

I just started screaming ‘He did it, he said he was gonna do it and he did it. He did it,’ said Vickie. No question at all. But I had strength from God to keep me from doing what I wanted to do — Go kill him myself.

What Deanna’s family didn’t know is that Deanna had called 911 herself in an attempt to save her life and get help. Unfortunately, no one came to help her in time. That wasn’t the first time she called 911 either. In fact, Crime Watch Daily reports that Deanna called 911 a dozen times as her ex-husband, Delvecchio Patrick, often stalked her. Before they married, Vickie Cook shared that Patrick would beat Deanna repeatedly. Deanna reportedly married him thinking that the beatings would stop but they didn’t.

On the day of her murder, Deanna called 911 for help. Even before she was murdered, it appears that Deanna was asking for help by letting everyone know that Patrick was trying to kill her. She even mentioned it on her Twitter page before she was tragically murdered. For 11 chilling minutes, while on the phone with 911, Deanna can heard screaming as she begged Patrick to stop. Patrick didn’t realize the encounter was being recorded and he can allegedly be heard in the background telling Cook that he was going to kill her. Because Deanna called from a cellphone, it was difficult for police officers to find her home. As she was being attacked, Deanna was not in a position to tell officers her address. According to Crime Watch Daily, when officers do finally arrive to Deanna’s home, they knocked, looked in the windows, and when they got no response, they left.

Police arrested the 35-year-old Patrick and charged him with murder. Patrick was sentenced to 85 years in prison for the murder of his ex-wife, Deanna Cook. In order to become eligible for parole, Patrick must serve 30 years of his sentence. Patrick reportedly did not react when the sentence was read out, according to The Dallas Morning News. He had allegedly earlier shown his middle finger to Ms Cook’s daughter, N’Eycea, as she read a victim impact statement.

Crime Watch Daily revealed that the 911 operator who took Deanna’s call stated that she was forced to go into hiding after her name was made public. In an interview done shortly after she left her job, she revealed she herself was a survivor of domestic violence. The story of Deanna Cook’s tragic Dallas death has sparked major changes in the way all emergencies are now handled in the state of Texas.