(Video) Woman That Cheated With Dr. Jackie’s Husband From Married To Medicine Speaks Out

Posted On : December 2, 2017
Curtis Berry and Dr. Jackie

If you’ve been watching Married to Medicine, then you know that Dr. Jackie Walters and her husband, Curtis, have been having marital problems. It appears that Walters discovered that Berry was cheating after photos surfaced of her husband kissing a much younger woman.

In an effort to clear her name, Berry mistress’ is speaking out and telling her side of the story.

The Other Woman:

Many people were shocked when pictures surfaced of Dr. Jackie Walter’s husband, Curtis Berry, having an affair. Not only was the public surprised, but Dr. Jackie was surprised as well. While all marriages have problems, Dr. Jackie never believed that her husband would cheat on her. The Shade Room  captured Curtis Berry  in mid-March in Hilton Head Island with a woman who was definitely NOT his wife. Natasha Pearson is the alleged mistress in the photo and she spoke exclusively with Radar Online to give her side of the story.

Curtis Berry, Dr. Jackie’s husband, was caught cheating in mid-March.

Pearson claims that she met Berry in 2016 through a mutual friend and they hit it off right away. Apparently that friend failed to tell Pearson that Berry was married. In speaking with Radar Online, Pearson revealed that they had an instant connection. The two hit it off so well that they allegedly had sex on the very same night that they met. Speaking candidly, Pearson revealed that their relationship was purely sexual.

We had sex that night. We were at the friend’s house andhe obviously goes over there a lot. It was very comfortable. Curtis was someone I felt like I could talk to…, stated Pearson.

Natasha Pearson claims that she did not know that Curtis Berry was married to Dr. Jackie.

No Longer A Secret:

Apparently, Pearson discovered Berry was married when pictures of them surfaced online. Pearson found out about Dr. Jackie reportedly around the same time that Dr. Jackie found out about her. No longer a secret, Berry claim clean to Pearson revealing that he was on tv and that his wife was a reality star.

He was in a panic and told me ‘I’m married, that’s my wife on TV This is an f’ed up situation.’ I honestly had no idea Curtis was married. I didn’t even know that he was on TV, Pearson revealed. When he called to me to apologize after the pictures came out, he asked me, ‘would it have changed anything?’ if I knew he was married and I said ‘absolutely!’ He tried to tell me he didn’t think it would have changed anything, that we still would have been seeing each other. But I told him ‘absolutely not!’

Pearson reportedly decided to speak out on her affair with Berry as she wanted Dr. Jackie to know the type of man she is married to.

I want Dr. Jackie to know, you’re married to a man who had sex with someone the first day we met, Pearson claimed. You should know we did have sex that night. I can only imagine what he’s told this woman.

On an episode of Married to Medicine, Walters read the interview from Pearson who alleged to RadarOnline that she had an intense sexual relationship with Berry for months, unaware that he was married. Hurt and humiliated, it was already painful to find out that her husband was cheating. However, when Dr. Jackie heard Pearson’s story, her pain worsened.

I’m in shock, Dr. Jackie stated on the Married to Medicine as she read the Radar Online article. It is the mistress giving her version of the story. I didn’t think this could get any worse than it had already got. I’m humiliated to my core, Walters added. This is absolutely painful when you read this kind of information about your husband.

 Fans will have to watch to see what happens as Dr.Jackie and Curtis Berry are on a long journey to forgiveness.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!