Details On How A Hardworking Father Of 3 Was Murdered By Two People He Loved

Posted On : April 4, 2018

On November 17, 2017, hardworking, father of 3 George Young, 43, was killed on his front porch as he was coming home. George Young was coming home after working a job as a security guard. Family members heard the gun shots however no one saw the shooter. His wife, Tia Young, spoke with media outlets as she begged the killer to turn himself in. Sadly, it appears that she knew who the killer was the entire time.

A Heartbroken Widow Cried On Air Over Her Husband’s Death:

When Tia Young learned of her husband’s George Young death, she seemed devastated as she publicly cried on television. With their 3 children on the couch, Tia Young cried as she couldn’t understand who would want to hurt her husband of 23 years. According to CBS, George Young worked two jobs to support his family. His side job included providing private security for celebrities and events. George left behind a wife and three children: ages 17, 13 and eight. Despite the fact that George worked 60-70 hours, he still found time to spend with his children.

My heart just bleeds for my children as a mom, you know. I don’t know how I’m going to do it by myself, said widow Tia Young to 11 Alive.

CBS reports that George Young was found shot on his front porch by a family friend. The family friend quickly came in the house and informed Tia Young to call 911. However, George didn’t make it as he was pronounced dead on the scene. A Go Fund Me page was created for George Young’s family. However, new information as surfaced and now it appears that Tia Young was responsible for George’s death.

Widow And Her Lover Conspired To Kill Her Husband:

According to 11 Alive, Buford, Georgia woman Tia Young, 42, the same woman who cried on camera, has been arrested for the murder of her husband, George Young. When officers spoke to Tia Young, she displayed the behavior of a heartbroken widow. However, the more they spoke with her, Tia’s behavior and story changed.

On the night of George’s death, family friend, Harvey Timothy Lee, was the the Young residence at the time of the murder. Lee had been staying with the Young family as he was experiencing financial trouble. Investigators learned that the Youngs and Lee, all originally from South Carolina, knew each other from early adulthood. When Lee ended up unemployed, George Young invited him to live with their family in Buford, Georgia. George Young also hired Lee to work with him at a security company. Detective David Smith with Gwinnett County Police Department’s Homicide Unit shared that George Young allowed Tim Lee to move into their home in February of 2016.  It appears that while Lee was living in the Young home, he began to have an affair with Tia Young beginning in May of 2017.

Breaking : police say arrests in front porch murder of George Young (security guard) last November . Wife of victim and man who lived in their house charged with murder overnight .

Posted by Tony Thomas WSB on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

It appears that Tia Young and Tim Lee conspired to murder George Young for his insurance policy. Detectives began to suspect that Tia Young and Lee were involved as their stories from the night George was murdered were not aligned. When recounting that night, 11 Alive reports that Tia and Lee gave different times of hearing the shots. Additionally, they both told different versions of what happened after the gun shots.

Their initial stories began to not add up, which I found suspicious for people who both just experienced the same incident, Det. Smith said in a press conference.

Gwinnett police say George Young’s life insurance policy had a $1 million payout, and they believe Lee and his wife killed him for the money. Police said neither of the suspects have received any insurance proceeds. Tia Young and Lee are being held without bond on charges of aggravated assault, malice murder and felony murder.

 See Detective Smith Discuss The Case Below: