Violent Ex With Abusive History Arrested in Brooklyn Correction Officers Murder

Posted On : December 14, 2016

Alastasia Bryan, 25, was a bright, young, woman with a promising future. She was a rookie correctional officer, still in training, she didn’t even carry a hand gun. Bryan was shot to death in her car as she pulled over to make a phone call.

A video showed a gunman, sitting in a car appearing to be waiting on someone. Next, a gunman got out and then approached her car firing five times before fleeing with another man.

Officers believe that Bryan was possibly set up. Bryan was a correctional officer at Rikers Island but she didn’t interact much with the prisoners. Her mother shared that Bryan was having trouble with her ex-boyfriend, Keon Richmond, 33.

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According to NY Daily News, Richmond was arrested on Wednesday and taken into custody on Wednesday afternoon for questioning about Bryan’s murder.

Richmond tried to avoid capture by hiding in a female friend’s closet. While detectives are not sure if Richmond is responsible for Bryan’s death, police are investigating the possibility of Richmond collaborating with a Riker’s inmate.

However, police do not believe Bryan’s murder was job related. It’s a possibility that Richmond is innocent, but, his violent history has police officers questioning his whereabouts.

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Richmond has 31 prior arrests and has in the past threatened to kill Bryan, sources said. In 2015, Bryan told police Richmond tried to run her off the road and two days later threatened to shoot up her home, sources said.

The two broke up recently, sources said, after Richmond refused to return to Bryan a BMW she had leased for him. Police officers believe that argument led to her murder.

Not only is Richmond accused of hurting Bryan, he also is being investigated for burning the car of another girlfriend.

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