This Couple Has One Of The Best & Most Expensive Wedding Invitations EVER!

Posted On : March 16, 2017

This couple just raised the “engagement” bar to pole vaulting heights with this wedding invitation! It’s like reading the latest issue of Ebony magazine.

— Dallas, Texas

Seriously though. It’s as if you’re reading a magazine…because it is one.

You’d best believe this wedding is going to be one for the books.

This couple — Bryant and Jennifer — are deciding to send their guests newsworthy invitations which, coincidentally, deliver a grand amount of engagement and wedding day news.

However, once you make it passed the front cover, that’s when the real attraction starts.

The Bridal Association of America has said  that the average cost of wedding invitations is $659. These two coughed up some serious cash on this one…we’re thinking with an invitation like this, you’ve got 100+ invites going out, so we’re thinking upwards of over $3000! That’s just on the invitations…so in the words of Keith Sweat…”Make it last forever, and ever and ever…”

Every Page Is Laid!

The first page begins with the couple’s introduction and backstory. People love a good love epic, right? As their guests flip through the pages, they’ll learn how Bryant proposed to Jennifer, in full story.

Then, guests will move forward in order to timeline the couple’s lasting memories. It seems that they’ve been together since 2010.

Well, they had better do it big then, huh? Seven years together.

You can check the video footage below for a browse-through of the magazine invitation.

Creating Memories

From a look at their timeline, these two have been around the world with each other. They’ve gone from Dallas, to Buckingham Palace, to Nigeria, and beyond.

Moreover, of course, they have plenty more memories to create. The journey’s just beginning.

Yet, even in all their extravagance, they don’t leave the wedding party out in the cold.

In a similar spread, Bryant and Jennifer give brief summaries regarding each groomsman and bridesmaid.

You can’t tell me this event will be anything less than “colossal.” There are eight of each!

All in all, according to the front cover, the wedding will take place in Dallas on Saturday, May 13. Wonder if Jennifer would be so kind as to Facebook Live the ceremony?

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