Wendy Williams Referenced Her Divorce and Shaded Her Ex on Her Show

Posted On : April 15, 2019

A New Chapter In Life

“I have a whole new life that I planned for myself and my son,” Williams said on Monday’s new episode.

Wendy Williams indirectly talked about filing for divorce from Kevin Hunter on her show Monday morning. She also made it very clear she’s single, ready to mingle and focusing on her son and staying sober.

Williams returned to her morning show for the first time since news of the split broke last Thursday. Her studio audience welcomed her with a thunderous applause as she replied, “How you doin?” She then repeated the show’s motto, “Their business is our business,” adding, “It’s funny because now my business is your business. Turnabout’s a fair game. I get it.”

During Hot Topics, she talked about how she spent the weekend with her sober sisters.

“I had a really good weekend, I got together with my girls. I told you I have my sober friends, I have six of them that are really good and two of them are my sponsors,” she explained. “They came over to the sober house this weekend and they like wrap sandwiches, but I had the leftover from TAO. Just sayin’ …”

Williams said her sister came up from Miami to spend some quality time and show support. “She’s talking and pow-wowing with me. It’s always nice to spend time with your sister,” said Wendy. “They correct some of the things you do wrong and they help you when you’re not doing enough and they tell you how to do it.”

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