Wife Surprises Husband With HUGE Debt-Free Gift

Posted On : May 15, 2018

SPRING, TEXAS — This wife made her husband’s year, as well as opened a way for their pockets to stack, stack, STACK! This super birthday present takes the cake.

In a post from Toi Deveroux, she began her video by letting her husband know she had a confession to make.

According to Toi, a few weeks ago, she told her hubby that her paycheck had been short; likewise, she mentioned undergoing a pay cut.

During the discussion, their daughter chimed in a few times. However, Toi’s husband began to get serious about the subject matter because she admitted that she lied about the aforementioned details.

Toi let her husband know she, instead, opened another bank account; and that’s where the money was going — rather than in their joint account.

The woman mentions her husband is so distracted by the discussion that he runs a stop sign while talking.

“It’s getting real, y’all,” Toi says in the video.

However, during the drive, she was prolonging the discussion simply because they weren’t at the destination yet and she needed more time.

Yet, when they reached where they were going, things became clear.

Check the videos below for the details.

Part 2.

Some were suspicious of how Toi was able to keep such a thing hidden from her husband for so long.

“My question is Ms. Lady how did you hide your job or whatever from your husband for that long?” Shantel Wiley comments. “I cant even close the bathroom door without mine being suspicious lmao!! Good job!”

To this, Toi simply explained that — since her husband is on the road most of the month — it was able to work out.

“I don’t see him for sometimes 3 to 4 weeks .. it just worked .. I also own a business.. I just took the job to top off what I needed it was temporary.”


Several truckers have come across this video and praise Toi for her love and commitment to her husband. For instance, Facebook user Jeff Handy mentions:

“Yo I’m a truck driver to that is such a sweet thing your wife done for you Some of us worried about what’s going on at home yo hold on to that she is a good girl.”

Likewise, Truche Sirmans had a few words for the video as well.

“Now that is a woman that know how to invest her money wisely,” Sirmans states. “She just started a family business. SHE WILL NEVER HAVE TO WORK AGAIN.”

“Black women pay attention. That is pure teamwork…I pray they are successful. She is brilliant! It is not about having a good man it is about being interested in what your love one is doing.”

“She see a way to see the United States, Mexcio, and Canada,” Sirmans continues. “If he drive like he is suppose to ( drive out all of his time ) in 5 years they just became a millionaire…That girl is about to get PAID. 150k to 300k a year. Nice investment.Not too many women know how to do this. Most think about self. My GOD continue to bless you and your family. I am HAPPY for you and your family.”

All in all, this was an incredible gesture for Toi to do for her husband — as well as their family.

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[Featured Photo via Toi Deveroux / Facebook]