Will It Ever Stop?… T.I. AND Tamar Throwin’ Shade At Tiny Again…

Posted On : June 5, 2017

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle just can’t catch a break. Over the weekend, T.I. turned heads with a subliminal Instagram post about his soon-to-be ex-wife. Now, it looks like he and Tamar Braxton have slammed the Xscape singer yet again. According to Kissy Denise, the social media post are already in high gear and its only Monday.

Shade On Instagram?:

Once again, T.I. has taken to Instagram with another cryptic post and most fans believe he’s talking about his estranged wife again. However, this time around, Tamar Braxton decided to post a comment under the rapper’s post. An irritated T.I. took to the social network with a screenshot of the definition of “exasperate.” He captioned the post, “I chose to end the discussion, rather than exasperate matters more. #TipsWordOfTheWeek #AsPromised.”

I chose to end the discussion,rather than exasperate matters more. #TipsWordOfTheWeek #AsPromised

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Under the post, the Braxton Family Values star wrote, “I’m so here for it.”

Here’s a screenshot of her input:

Were They Shading Tiny?:

Although Tamar could be anticipating “Tip’s Word Of the Week,” most fans aren’t convinced since she and T.I. are both at odds with Tiny. The latest follows a feud that reportedly began brewing on Instagram over the weekend. According to Enstarz, the latest feud started when the Braxton Family Values star took to Instagram with a post she captioned, “I wish I had a baby girl.” Apparently, Tiny’s mom, Dianne Cottle-Pope, had something to say. For those who don’t know, Tamar is Tiny’s daughter Heiress’ godmother, but since the ladies no longer speak, Tamar hasn’t been there for the baby at all. Seemingly tired of the passive aggressive comments, Diana immediately chimed in.

#Tiny's mom had time today 😩 #TamarBraxton The tea today chile 💅🏽

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However, that didn’t deter Tamar. She also had a response for Dianne. Since Tiny also christened her son, Logan, both of the women equally guilty of neglecting their godchildren and Tamar made it known. “Don’t make me Tiny mother and ask u why you ain’t come see him then????”

Then, Tiny finally intervened. “Really I think u guys shouldn’t be speaking on something u know nothing about & #Tamar should be quiet like I’m doing before things get out of hand!! Period!! If I would have known my mom was gonna say something I would have stopped her too cause it’s between me & Tamar that’s it!!”

Like #TamarBraxton said, she has some time today 👀 #TinyHarris

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Hopefully, everyone involved can resolve their issues for the sake of their children.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!