Witness Spots Married Cheaters In The Act, Uploads Vid So Their Spouses Can See

Posted On : March 30, 2018

MALAKOFF, TEXAS — Two families got turned on their heads once cheating footage surfaced online via a random key witness. The video’s uploader mentioned, “I hate a cheater!”

It’s said that “what’s done in the dark will eventually come to light.” And, it seems that it came out in broad daylight this time around.

According to Kissy Denise, Tammy Wilkins happened to be at the right place, at the right time. The source reports that the woman was in her car having lunch while waiting to go to an appointment.

That’s when she spotted some suspicious activity. She saw two people, but there was just something “off” about the way they were acting.

Reportedly, it took Tammy no time to come to the conclusion that the “couple” wasn’t actually a couple — but just “two cheaters attempting to secretly spend time together,” the source mentions.

That’s when the woman pulled out her phone and started recording the situation. The source states that Tammy posted the footage to Facebook — putting the couple on blast for all to see.

But specifically, she was hoping their spouses — whomever they’d be — would see the videos and pics, themselves. According to the source, she wrote:

“If you have a black husband who drives a gray truck like this or a wife with a silver car that’s in the picture you may wana show up to the malakoff baseball field during their lunch break. It was obvious they weren’t husband and wife to each other. I hate a cheater!!!”

The Kissy Denise staff reached out to the witness for a comment, and it seems Tammy has past history dealing with cheaters, so she knows suspicious, adulterous activity when she sees it.

“I’ve been married as well as previously cheated on in past relationships and know most married people don’t act like this on a lunch break,” Tammy told the source. “These two were VERY suspicious in their behavior constantly looking around to see if anyone was around.”

“I can’t stand a cheater and the worst part about being cheated on is the spouse is always the last one to know while everyone around them stands back and says nothing.”

A few times, Tammy thought she had been caught recording the two. She told the source that they looked toward her a multiple times.

“A few times they did look my way and I thought I’d been caught so I moved the camera away,” the witness mentioned. “I am always aware of my surroundings (for safety). And the things I see are nuts, how people behave in public.”


Well, at the end of the day, Tammy’s mission was a success. According to the source, both of the cheaters’ spouses saw the footage of their loved ones cheating. They also commented on the witness’ post.

Kissy Denise notes that one of the cheaters was identified as Jennifer Russell. The source included screenshots of her page as well as conversations regarding the incident.

Apparently, her husband/maybe-soon-to-be-ex-husband name is Dray Russell. Reportedly, from looking at the included material, Jennifer works with her cheating accomplice’s wife, Rita Miller Oliver.

In confirmation, Oliver stated via private message: “Thanks that was my husband and a cow who works at my job.”

That job seemingly is Christian Life Residential Services, according to the work section of Oliver’s profile.

Kissy Denise makes an interesting point about this and most cheating situations.

“People cheat and end up embarrassing their mate, more than they embarrass themselves. And poor Rita was probably going half on the bills.”

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[Featured Photo via Tammy Wilkins / Facebook]