After Witnessing Their Mother’s Murder, 3 Children Were Then Dropped Off By Their Dad

Posted On : April 17, 2018

To the outside world,  48 year-old Kalvin and 33 year-old Gentorica Wright were the perfect couple. Just before she died, she professed her love on Facebook for her husband, Kalvin. They were married 7 years and like most marriages, their marriage wasn’t easy. Despite their challenges, Gentorica was willing to stick it out. Below is a status that Gentorica wrote about her husband before her tragic death.

When you have been with a man and only him for seven years through the good the bad and the ugly and it seems like it’s never enough.A marriage is not only based on love it’s based on communication, respect, being dependable, and most of all TRUST. I love my husband at times he can be hard to deal with but what man is not that is what makes a marriage being there through the hard times, sickness and health,till death do us part!!!!!

That wasn’t all, Gentorica continued to use her Facebook page as an opportunity to praise her husband.

Sadly, on April 14th, Gentorica Wright was reportedly killed by her husband, Kalvin, who she loved till death parted them.

Posted by Gentorica Wright on Friday, March 16, 2018

Man Killed His Wife And Then Took His Own Life:

While many people may be surprised, but Gentorica and Kalvin Wright were having marital problem. Gentorica’s sister told WST-BT that the couple had been having marital issues, and neighbors said they were stunned to hear what happened just next door to them. But judging from Gentorica’s Facebook, she really was trying to make their marriage work. Despite all their alleged problems, Gentorica was optimistic and willing to fight for their love. Below is a conversation, Gentorica had with her mom about her marriage.

Sometimes mama you don’t choose things they just come your way, I ask God to guide my foot steps and what ever obstacles I go through I know that he will be there to catch me when I fall, because I’m not perfect I make mistakes but I learn from them, nobody taught me how to be a wife or how some things in life would be hard but I learned things as I go and I will continue to learn things that I’m blind too.

After her comments, Kalvin Wright responded that he loved his wife as well.

Proud to have her in my life truly a Blessing…I love you with every part of me.

Posted by Gentorica Wright on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Because the couple publicly professed their love for one another, neighbors and friends were shocked when they learned that Kalvin Wright murdered his wife, Gentorica, and then killed himself.

After Murdering His Wife, A Georgia Man Dropped His Kids Off:

According to WST-BT, after Kalvin Wright reportedly murdered his wife Gentorica, he then took the couple’s three children to their complex’s leasing office. While their, the children told the staff that their father had killed their mother. The staff member then phoned the police to let them know what the children had told them. It appears that Kalvin Wright worked as a maintenance man for the apartment complex where they leaved. When word spread that Kalvin killed his wife, neighbors were saddened and outraged.

He took them to the office, but I just hate that they had to see that happen to their mom. I can’t imagine living with that memory, the neighbor said.

The Gwinnett County SWAT team was activated and they entered the apartment because of the unknown condition of the female victim, police said. The husband and wife were found dead inside the apartment, police said. To provide Gentorica with a proper burial, her family created a Go Fund Me page with the following caption:

Gentorica (Tori) Hart Wright was a loving,caring,strong individual that took pride in her kids.Unfortunately today April 14,2018 she murder by her husband Kalvin Wright. Tori was murdered in front of her kids.Kalvin Wright dropped them off and came back to his home and then took his own life.At this timeTori was temporarily unemployed and did not have life insurance.We are asking for donations/help so she can  have a proper burial as well expenses for her (3) children Anthony(9) Ayden(7) and Rachel(5).Anything will help and would be greatly appreciated.Thank you

While you may love a person, sometimes it is best to let that person go. Loving someone should not cost you your life. Our prayers are with their families.