WNBA Star Skylar Diggins-Smith Announces Pregnancy w/ Beautiful Instagram Post

Posted On : October 18, 2018

Skylar Diggins-Smith and her man Daniel have been together for quite some time. For years, fans have followed the WNBA star as she offered glimpses of her life behind closed doors. From college to professional basketball, Daniel has always been by her side. Last year, they tied the knot in a beautiful, intimate wedding ceremony and now, they’re preparing to embark on the next chapter of their lives together. On Thursday, October 18, Skylar shocked fans with an adorable Instagram post revealing she and her husband are expecting their first child.

The Beautiful Instagram Post:

Skylar turned heads the other day when she took to Instagram with an ultrasound photo. While people have been known to post these types of photos for comical purposes, Skylar’s caption confirmed her post was anything but a joke. The WNBA baller captioned the adorable photo, “Can’t wait to meet you,” and fans immediately began flooding her post with congratulatory messages. One Instagram fan wrote, “Can’t wait for the new addition to the family,” one Instagram subscriber said. Another of Skylar’s  fans wrote, “Congrats to you and your family.”

Love And Marriage:

The latest news about Skylar’s pregnancy follows a string of reports about her engagement and marriage. Although rapper Drake made it known that he had a serious crush on Skylar, it wasn’t enough to pull the beautiful baller away from the man she loves. Through it all, she and Daniel have stuck together. During an interview with SB Nation, Skylar gushed about the proposal explaining how Daniel popped the big question. Although she admitted marriage was something they’d previously discussed, she had no idea he was going to pop the question the day he got down on one knee. “We had talked about it before, but obviously you never know when it’s coming. And he did such a great job. It was in an art gallery, as everyone knows he’s a great artist – that’s what he does.

“So he proposed to me at an art gallery. I had no idea, he had a piece in there – he had designed it for me, but I had never seen it. While I’d be at practice he would work on it. It was up in the art gallery and I thought we were just going to take pictures to put on the site, and…he proposed!”

Ball Is Life:

It’s obvious Skylar’s personal life is going great and her career is no different. Drafted in 2013, Skylar Diggins currently plays for the Dallas Wings and it looks like they could take it all the way to the ship very soon. During a previous interview, Skylar offered her take on last year’s basketball season admitting it made her a bit anxious. But despite the jitters, she made it clear she’s always ready to ball. “I’m anxious to go this season,” Skylar said. “I’ve always been known for going so far in the NCAA Tournament, but at my professional level I just want to have the opportunity to compete for a championship, and it starts in the playoffs, so I’m excited about our team.”

In the spring of 2017. Skylar and Daniel tied the knot. Congratulations to Skylar and Daniel!