[Updated] Woman Blasts Black Men Who Downtalk Sistas In Interracial Groups

Posted On : February 10, 2017

There’s nothing wrong with an interracial relationship. You like who you like, right? The issue comes when you downtalk the entirety of your own ethnicity to others. And, this woman is tired of it.

— Los Angeles, California

Check out this snippet from Hemet Carl’s Jr. manager Garcia Gianni, after having harassed and cyberstalked Lyricc once she confronted him about targeting Black women — specifically, trying to get them fired.

[Complete update found at end of original]

Her Facebook user name is Lyricc J. Zwaagstra. Apparently, she is/was a member of a few of FB’s interracial dating groups.

While it’s totally fine to dabble in the fine art of “Jungle Fever,” it seems as though Lyricc has had her fill of Black men talking down on Black women.

Via Monumental Post, Woman Blasts Black Men Who Downtalk Sistas In Interracial Groups II

So, in a thorough explanation of her position, she makes a post for all to see.

And, trust, she doesn’t leave anything out.

She goes in on the aforementioned Black men as well as “Becky” and “Amber” — who only want Black men for the stereotypical endowment, or those women who have allowed these men to hype them up.

Her post is so straight-forward, it seems that Facebook blocked her from group posting for a while.


Surely, You’re Interested in What She Had to Say!

It’s time we jump right into the meat of the discussion, right?

Lyricc starts her post by stating an intense hatred for interracial groups.

“Let me tell you why,” she adds.

“1. They are filled with Black men who say they don’t date Black women and then go on to list all the negative, stereotypical, IGNORANT reasons why they hate that FROM WHICH THEY CAME. If you want to date me, fine, but date me because you like ME and not because you have an ignorant view of your own. Keep that coon s**t waaaaaaaaay tf over there.”

That last part had me rolling!

Via Monumental Post, Woman Blasts Black Men Who Downtalk Sistas In Interracial Groups I

Yet, there’s more. Now, she brings up Becky.

“2. They are filled with Beckies who think they are better than Black women because of all the ignorance these Coons and Toms have pushed to them.”

Can’t forget “Amber.”

“3. If not #2, then they’re filled with Ambers who deny white privilege even exists. They will suck a Black d**k but won’t use that same mouth to speak out against injustices. They’ll have mixed kids but can’t name one reason to love a Black man (other than d**k).”

Lyricc knows what’s up.

Her rant was on point, for sure. Each one of her points were right on time.

“Anyway, f**k coons, Toms, Beckies, and Ambers. I hate all you b****es.”

Yet, at the same time, we must remember that this also applies vice versa. Black women get in those groups and do the exact same thing at times.

Via Monumental Post, Woman Blasts Black Men Who Downtalk Sistas In Interracial Groups III

Update – 4:20 p.m., February 11

Lyricc’s post has received a lot of praise and acclamation for her willingness to stand up against such private hate talk against Black women.

It appears she’s been under attack in various groups long before that particular post. Likewise, she’s been harassed time and time again, even being called a “n***er lover.”

And, less than an hour ago, her page was banned. Yeah, she just got out of Facebook jail, but she’s back inside — and for something she posted months ago.

A particular family has been stalking her, even creating fake profiles to continue the character assault.

When Love Was Real contacted her for further clarification, and she shared a few photos regarding the situation. They’re posted below.

Warning: The following photos contain graphic language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Lyric J Zwaagstra Screenshot I

Lyric J Zwaagstra Screenshot II

Lyric J Zwaagstra Screenshot III

Lyric J Zwaagstra Screenshot IV

Lyric J Zwaagstra Screenshot VI

Beatrice Garcia is the manager’s aunt, according to Lyricc.

That particular confrontation started when she confronted one of the managers at a Carl’s Jr. in Hemet, California about blaming Black women for his aunt’s loss of employment.

Specifically, he called them “Black b***hes” and went on to further slur them, extensively, in the comment section.

Lyric J Zwaagstra Screenshot V

So, he and his family started harassing her via inbox messages. Actually, according to Lyric, he harassed everyone who commented negatively against him and what he had to say.

Yet, when Lyric took screenshots of it and put him on blast, Facebook took action against her — and has yet to take action against the Carl’s Jr. manager or any of the harassing family.

Shouldn’t everyone contact Carl’s Jr. via Twitter to ensure they understand who’s working for them?

Facebook is on some real bulls**t right now. How can it punish her for showing evidence of cyberstalking, yet not punish the stalkers themselves?

What are your thoughts regarding Lyricc J. Zwaagstra’s post and updated situation? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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