Woman Delivers Her OWN BABY In A Turkish Hotel Room After Being ‘In Denial’ About Her Pregnancy

Posted On : April 26, 2018

I don’t care Tia Freeman is a boss! Yeah, she’s a little nutty – but hey, aren’t we all?

The 22-year-old from Nashville, Tennessee gave birth to a healthy baby boy seven weeks ago. But the first-time mom’s birthing story is bound to be a lot more different than the moms at the school gate.

An Overseas Flight And Pregnant!

Tia learned she was expecting late into her pregnancy, but was in deep denial. Instead she went on a flight overseas and ended up giving birth in a hotel bathroom in Istanbul!

Tia’s story first made national news in Turkey, and has now gone viral – thanks to her animated Twitter thread chronicling her crazy story. 

But the young mom insists she still doesn’t get why her tale is such a big deal.  

‘I still really don’t understand what’s so shocking about my delivery story. Lol maybe it’ll set in one day,’ she began her thread. 

Tia was already into her third trimester when she found out she was pregnant.

When she did find out she was pregnant, she spent the next month convincing herself that there was ‘no way’ she was carrying a baby.

She also decided not to tell anyone about it either. 

‘My dumba** was like, maybe it’ll just go away…’ she wrote. Unbelievably, she went forward with her plans to go to Germany. 

‘Ya girl was not about to waste international flight money,’ she quipped.

So she hopped on a plane before her due date and headed away for her vacation. 

Tia landed in Turkey for her 17-hour layover and by this time she was beginning to experience terrible cramps. 

I Feel Like I’m About To Pass Out

She desperately wanted to make it to the hotel she’d booked for the night, but as we all know customs is long. 

‘I’m literally gripping the railing trying to make it through the lines,’ Tia wrote on Twitter. 

‘At this point I feel like I’m about to pass out. I’m sweating. I feel like I have to vomit. I’m going through it. Then I’m like, “Wait a minute, b****, are you in labor?!”

She then decided to Google her symptoms. But she was still unsure if she was in teal labor or having Braxton Hicks contractions.

Either Way I’m Giving Birth In This Airport

‘Either way it goes I’m not giving birth in this airport, so I start gassing myself up because I am NOT having a baby in this airport,’ she said.

‘I make it to my hotel & now I’m sure I’m in labor. There is no way in the world I’m not in labor because I can barely stand up at this point. ‘

‘So I’m in a foreign country, where no one speaks English, I don’t know this country’s emergency number, & I have no clue what to do.’

‘So in true millennial form, I decided to Youtube it. If no one else had my back, the internet would! So here my a** is in my hotel room, all by my lonesome learning, how to deliver my own baby.’

Tia filled up the bath tub for a water birth and grabbed a towel to bite down on while fighting the pain.

She also found another towel to wrap the baby in.

‘It’s weird how focused a person becomes when they’re adrenaline starts going. Because at no point ever did I freak out. Like, I just did what I had to do,’ she said.

She followed the instructions she found online, which said to start to push when the contractions were two minutes apart

By the time she was in the tub, they were just a minute apart.

Her baby was coming whether she liked it or not.

‘I have NEVVVVEEERRRR felt any pain like this in my life. I felt like I was being split open. WHERE WAS MY EPIDURAL?!’ she wrote.

‘Luckily it happened pretty quickly. I only had to push about 5-6 times before a baby popped out,’ she went on. ‘Now let me tell you, babies are buoyant. That little joker said bloop and floated right on up to the top of the water.’

After seeing she had a healthy boy, she knew she needed to wait until the placenta, attached to the umbilical cord, followed him out.

Tia followed along with what she read online, rubbing her lower abdomen to ‘persuade my placenta to come on out’ while holding her baby with the other hand. 

Using shoelaces, which she had sterilized in boiling water in the hotel room’s electric kettle, she clamped the end of the cord.  

She then proceeded to clean the bathroom ‘because it looked like the set of a horror movie.’

She scrubbed everything down, breastfed her new baby, and shockingly after her ordeal went to sleep.  

The next morning, she was meant to go to the airport to catch her connecting flight.

Though she knew she wouldn’t actually be flying on to Germany, she faced questions about leaving the country with her new baby.

She figured there was no better place to ask than the airport.  

‘When I get there the airport workers are freaking out because you can tell this baby is fresh. I legit didn’t have any baby clothes & made him something out of my favorite blue oversized button down,’ she wrote.

‘Anyway, they thought I was a human trafficker trying to smuggle out a baby.’

After having a doctor and nurse check her out to determine that she had in fact just given birth, she also spoke with customs, the police, and higher-ups at the airline.

During this time, someone tipped off the press, who turned up in full force to take her picture.

Tia then headed over to the US Consulate, who also asked her a lot of questions.

She was then issued her a birth certificate and passport for her new little one.

They also insisted on taking her and the baby to the hospital for a check-up, where they found out for sure that the baby was healthy.

She ended up staying in Turkey for two weeks to recover, during which time Turkish Airlines paid for her hotel.

The company also generously paid for her meals and upgraded her and her friend — whom she was supposed to meet in Germany — to first class for their flight home. 

‘Oh and no one knew I had a baby until days after I gave birth to him (not even my mom) so I sprang this story on everyone,’ she concluded.

‘Here he is Xavier Ata Freeman born March 7, 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey! My little surprise bundle of international joy! (His middle name is Turkish).’