Woman Dismembers Boyfriend, Lives With Remains For Days

Posted On : August 1, 2017

This is a case of “love gone wrong,” and there’s no way to make it right.

BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS — Kathryn Podgurski, 33, “has been accused of stabbing her boyfriend more than 40 times and dismembering his body,” according to Inquisitr.

According to the source, the woman says “men” came in and killed her boyfriend, 44-year-old Joseph Shaw. After this, they allegedly forced her to clean up the blood.

Then, the woman says they didn’t allow her to call police. So, instead, she sent her sister a text message. The woman’s sister was able to get in contact with local police, and they met Podgurski at a nearby hotel.

When officers arrived at the hotel, the woman gave them a key to the apartment. That’s where they found Joseph’s body in a closet. It was decomposing, of course.

However, interestingly enough, pieces of Joseph’s body was missing — specifically, part of an arm and leg.

Yet, during the police investigation, authorities missed a bag filled with Joseph’s body parts — which family members say was sitting in plain sight, with a bloodied zipper.

The way the family found the bag is that they went to the house to collect his belongings, after the investigation.

Jacina Shaw, Joseph’s niece, described the bag as follows.

“It was heavy, and when I opened it, his foot popped up. We dumped it out on the bed, and there was another bag that we assume was his arm. We couldn’t figure out why police didn’t find it. It was in plain sight.”

According to Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz, Joseph Shaw’s body had been in the apartment for “a number of days.”

He calls the crime “heinous.”

The Inquisitr mentions that Kathryn Podgurski is being held without bond. The source says, at first, she was only being held as an accessory. But now, she has been officially charged with the murder of Joseph Shaw.

According to the source, Podgurski had started staying with Joseph in June. He knew her from a local homeless shelter where he worked.

One man who knew Kathryn said she was a nice woman but had a ‘mean temper’,” reports Inquisitr.

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