VIDEO, Woman Escapes Abusive Boyfriend By Jumping In Stranger’s Car — But It’s Not Over…

Posted On : April 4, 2017

There’s nothing worse than finding out your companion is abusive. Sometimes, at that point, you have to run for your life! That’s what occurs with this woman. It just so happens a social celebrity drives through and doesn’t stand for this type of behavior. Yet, his bravery and chivalry might cost him.

— Mobile, Alabama

The video takes place just outside the woman’s home. According to the man who witnesses the abuse, Daiwon Mcpherson, she was getting beat by her boyfriend in the street.


So, he stops to intercede on her behalf. Of course like the p***y n***a he is, the alleged boyfriend stops fighting the woman and walks away from Daiwon while exchanging words.

That’s when Daiwon tells the woman she can get in his vehicle for safety.


Once inside, the woman is absolutely hysterical.

“I can’t ride pass no s**t like that, you feel me??” Daiwon says.


She immediately warns him of what’s to come.

Not the First Time This Has Happened…

While crying and seemingly having a breakdown, the woman tells Daiwon the alleged boyfriend is going to try to stop him by pulling in front of his vehicle.

And sure enough, that’s exactly what happens.

You can watch the video for yourself below.

As you can see, the alleged boyfriend didn’t care that they were in front of the police station. Apparently, the woman has a real loon on her hands. And as a lasting reminder of his chivalry, Daiwon got a dint pressed into the side of his vehicle before the deranged man left the scene.

There’s no word on what happened after Daiwon left her in police custody. All in all, as a good samaritan, he did his part in helping the woman get away from the crazed man.

Who Was This Social Celebrity?

A few months ago, many people saw Daiwon on Facebook. He was the guy who proposed to his girlfriend with help from local police officers.


Since the most recent video of his heroic valor, Daiwon has receive several “thank you”s from women who have found themselves in similar positions.

He’s also received recognition from men. However, you know where there is acclamation, hatred isn’t far behind.

Some “men” are calling him Captain Save-A-H*e. Yet, it makes you wonder if these particular men would be part of the abusive type, right? Why would they condemn Daiwon for helping this woman who was clearly in distress?

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