Woman Gets Down On One Knee, And The Internet Nearly Explodes

Posted On : August 4, 2017

So, this is different. The Internet nearly exploded after video surfaced of a woman proposing to a man, even on one knee. Here are the details.

ASTORIA, NEW YORK — The man’s name is Kuron Halsey. The proposal happened on August 1, according to his video.

As you’ll see, his girlfriend — now wife (will explain) — walks over to him. He seems unexpectant of the situation. Halsey’s girlfriend gets on one knee and opens the ring box.

That’s when Halsey reacts. Now, it’s more than likely he was putting-on since she was laughing. They probably have a humorous relationship.

However, all in all, he said “yes.” After which, they hugged it out and rejoiced — as any newly-wed couple would do, right?

Check the video for yourself below.

Well, it appears that the engagement didn’t last long at all. When you know, you know!

On August 3, Halsey changed his status from single to married.

Woman Gets Down On One Knee, And The Internet Erupts - Got Married

This could’ve been an honest mistake. Maybe he meant “Got Engaged”? However, several people have commented while bringing the presumed error to attention. Yet, he hasn’t corrected it or commented otherwise.

So, I guess he really is married after a one-day engagement. That’s what the courthouse is for, right?

Here where you come in…

What are your thoughts about this proposal?

Several people support it, while seemingly smaller numbers reject the idea. If you look at Halsey’s comments, it appears to be more positive than negative. More “congratulations!!!” than “GTFOH!”

Maybe this really is changing into a progressive society? As some of the commentators say, “To each his own.”

How do you feel about this? Do you support it, or are you “sticking to the book”? Feel free to share your thoughts via our Facebook page.

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