Woman Gets ‘Best’ Sex Of Her Life, Then Ignored — And She’s Not Having It

Posted On : May 1, 2018

DALLAS, TEXAS — This woman has apparently run into something spectacular. After her experience with a certain man, she takes serious steps to secure the D.

Via Facebook, Zayy Franko Thompson uploaded a video of a woman — reportedly, B. Simone — ranting to her audience.

Simone: “Look, guys! Let me tell you something. Don’t give us the ‘good’ d**k if you’re gonna go M.I.A.! If you’re gonna go M.I.A. and not answer the phone, baby, you need to hit me with the laziest stroke of your life! Don’t do your best then not answer the phone.”

It seems the man she’s discussing has taken her to a place only few have visited. Now, she practically says there’s no turning back.

“Cause you’re my boooooooooyfrieeeeeeeend,” the woman exclaims in the video.

If you’re interested in the video, check it out for yourself below.

As you heard from the woman’s video, she’s awaiting his arrival. According to her, she called the man after being ignored and asked his location.

She says he told her he’s been busy and was in Houston — but was driving back to Dallas at the time of her recording.

With that in mind, the woman let it be known that she was simply going to wait outside his home until he gets there.

Of course though, as you can see, she’s sitting in a Burger King parking lot. So, as Timothy Bonner points out, either the man lives across the street, or he gave her the wrong address.


So far, the video as gained over 2.5 million views and thousands of comments from men and women, alike.

For instance, Kenobia Edwards mentions as follows.

“I know y’all men aren’t out here thinking y’all got anything else to offer. Women can handle themselves financially, emotionally and physically. Just…sexually that’s a problem, we aren’t trying to rubber d**k ourselves to death.”

To this comment, various women agreed.

According to Chelsea Chatmon, this is exactly what happens to those who experience such a thing.

“They be playing, and wonder why we crazy,” she states via Facebook.

Nevertheless, as Jerome Holloway states, the man is obviously “blessed” enough to reach her “cray cray button.”

“Nooo fellas let’s stop lying to ourselves…you know when you in it and you in deep and you hit that thing up there and she give that deep gasp like she lost all breath. My friend you was blessed enough to be able to reach the cray cray button. Be prepared for the emotions, arguments, and clingy-ness that comes with it.”

Holloway further states that he used to think it was a good thing to have that type of affect. However, he said that perception changed after getting all the “s**t…that comes with it.”

He also says, if your situation is similar to this one, you definitely shouldn’t bring the next girl around unless she knows the full-extent of what’s going on.

That’s assuredly sound advice though.


While there are several upon several comments regarding this video, one commentator put himself on blast.

Kevin Stabley says he has no idea what this experience is like. According to him, he’s never had a request for more sex. . . . .and that’s sad, folks.

Stabley mentions as follows.

“All of you guys in the comments section must have that stroke game down a science… I have never had a woman going crazy and wanting more.”

And as you could guess, people are clowning him in the reply section.

Why “volunteer as tribute” to go on the chopping block like that?

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