Woman Accidentally Kills Boyfriend With Long Kiss, Gets 2 Years Jail Time

Posted On : December 7, 2017

SALEM, OREGON — Talk about a “long-kiss goodnight.” This woman and her boyfriend shared a lethally passionate display of affection, costing her freedom and his life.

According to reports from Inside Edition, Melissa Ann Blair got her deliveries mixed up during an oral exchange with 41-year-old boyfriend Anthony Powell.

You see, it was Blair’s intention to deliver drugs to Powell through their kiss. He was an inmate at Oregon State Penitentiary, according to the source.

Instead, the woman delivered a kiss of death after Powell overdosed from their kiss exchange.


According to the source, Powell and many others concocted a plan to get drugs inside the prison.

Blair is a meth user. However, she’s not addicted.

So, since she’s already been exposed to the drug, she was supposed to be the delivery person.

Yet, it’s possible she participated via forced coercion, says her lawyer, John Ransom. The lawyer says he had total control over her life, even from inside prison walls.

She had to do whatever he said,” Ransom explained.

The scheme took a critical turn when two of the transferred balloons ruptured in Powell’s stomach.

Inside Edition reports Powell died of “methamphetamine toxicity.”

Aside from attempted drug smuggling, Powell was serving a life sentence for aggravated murder. Who did he kill? His mother-in-law.

According to Inside Edition, he stabbed her to death in 1995. This was while he and his then-wife were staying in her home with her.


Well, nevertheless, the source says Blair pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy and was sentenced to two year in federal prison.

Also, once she’s out, she’ll have to do three years of post-release supervision, as well as undergo drug treatment and mental health program.

Overall, United States District Judge Marco Hernandez says Powell definitely played a part in his own demise. Although, Hernandez also notes what happened as “sad” and “tragic,” he states Powell was an accountable party in the situation.

Crazy, right? All for some meth.

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