Proposal Gone WAY Wrong! She Ain’t Even Have To Do Him Like This

Posted On : March 6, 2017

Talk about cruel. Even if she didn’t want to marry her boyfriend, she didn’t have to do him like this. Check the video footage below.

— Nanning, China

There are those who are for and against the woman’s reaction to her boyfriend’s proposal. It was a simple gesture. Nothing too extravagant.

And that was the problem.

You see, in China, it’s becoming quite the trend for the potential spouse to have his self together prior to the proposal.

That’s everywhere though, right?

Kinda. Seemingly, they actually want to walk into a life already lush and secure when they walk into the marriage. There’s rarely any “building” together or being a “power couple.”

According to Daily Mail, the source reports as follows.

“Many men in China are being priced out of marriage as more and more women become obsessed with material possessions. Many brides-to-be expect a car, house and minimum bank balance before saying ‘I do’. The trend towards marriage in the country is also dwindling.”

With that in mind, let’s get into the video.

When this man publicly asks his girlfriend to marry him, she embarrasses him in front of everyone. While she could calmly take him somewhere else to give him the bad news, she does it right there on the spot.

According to the source, the woman screamed, “Your home doesn’t even have a toilet, it doesn’t even have bathing facilities!”

To continue the public emasculation, she yelled as follows.

“You ask me to marry you? You really need educating. I don’t think you have serious feelings for me…[I] can’t take a shower if there is no bathroom.”


He Wasn’t Ready…

Granted, the woman could’ve handled the situation much better than she did. She didn’t have to put him out there like that.

However, he really shouldn’t have asked her hand in marriage if he didn’t even have a toilet or bathroom inside his house.

The source said that witnesses watched as the man walked away from the area without saying another word.


When the video was uploaded to a Chinese social media platform, it accumulated over 10 million views within the first 24 hours.

So, really, we’d love to know your thoughts on this? Was she wrong for doing him like that, or did he have it coming? Feel free to comment via our Facebook page.

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