(Video) Woman Snaps After She Discovered Her Boyfriend & The Father Of Her Children Sexually Abusing Her Daughter

Posted On : September 30, 2017
Kevin Price

A Detroit woman was in a relationship with a man named Kevin Price for four years. They lived together with their 3 young children and the woman’s 15 year-old daughter from a previous relationship. According to WXYZ, the woman recently took on a job as a security guard 3 weeks ago and Price was in charge of watching the children. One night, the woman came home early from work and she was devastated by what she discovered.

Here’s What We Know:

An unidentified woman came early from work from her job as a security guard. She typically worked overnight but this particular night she decided to come home early. Around 4:30 a.m. Friday morning, the unknown woman came home and discovered 35 year-old Price naked in the bed with her 15 year-old daughter who was naked as well. Stunned and angry, the woman revealed to Click On Detroit that she snapped.

Why is my daughter in bed with you and she doesn’t have on any clothes? the girl’s mother asked Price. I just snapped and went crazy, she said to Click On Detroit. He pushed me down the stairs and my dog started attacking him.

A mother was working an overnight security job when she came home early and found her daughter naked in bed with Kevin Price who was also naked.

After Price was discovered sexually assaulting his girlfriend’s daughter, he was reportedly stabbed in the shoulder, hand, and arm as well as the family dog bit him in the leg. Unfortunately, Price was able to avoid police capture. He allegedly ran out of the house wearing only blue jeans. The police arrived but he was able to get away. Investigators believe that Price may be hiding not far away in a car or an abandoned house.  The community of Detroit as well as the police are urging him to turn himself in.  Price was out of prison and skipped out of parole for breaking and entering crimes. A convicted felon, Price is a parole absconder who has done prison time for unlawful imprisonment, multiple weapons charges, and assault.

I stabbed him once there, and then he ended up pushing me down, the woman said. My dog started attacking him and he got to the front door.

Sadly, the night the victim’s mother discovered them in the bed was not the first time that her daughter was sexually assaulted. The daughter told her mother that the assaults went on while she was gone, but also the first one happened more than a year ago. Price allegedly threatened to kill her and her mother if she told anyone.

Police said the woman is in no legal jeopardy for defending her daughter and going after Price with a knife. Three other young children that the woman has with Price were in the home. Children’s Services is opening up a case involving those children.

Watch News Footage On This Story Below:

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