Woman Speaks On How She Almost Died After Meeting A Man On A Dating App

Posted On : July 31, 2018

Danueal Drayton was arrested in Los Angeles after police say he murdered nurse Samantha Stewart. Police believe that Drayton murdered Stewart and left her alone in her apartment. It appeared that she had been strangled and some of her teeth had been knocked out. Now, news has surfaced that Stewart wasn’t the only woman that Drayton attacked.

Woman Speaks On How She Survived A Killer:

Zynea Barney is counting her blessings and thankful that she is alive. Barney is still in disbelief that she once went on a date with a serial killer. According to the New York Daily News, Barney met Danueal Drayton on the dating app Plenty of Fish. She was immediately attracted to him as they had great conversation. In their conversations, Drayton talked about his love of cars and he seemed interested in her work with the disabled.

There weren’t any issues. Nothing awkward, she told the New York Daily News, He was a cool guy.

However, their relationship didn’t last as they only dated for 6 months. Barney claims that Drayton became enraged and tried to strangle her as well as slash her tires. On the day of the alleged attack, Barney met up with Drayton for lunch as she revealed her plans to move to California. This apparently enraged Drayton as he wanted them to be together. After their lunch date, the couple drove to the park where Barney allegedly told them that their relationship was over. Upon hearing that Barney no longer wanted to see him, Drayton allegedly lunged at her and started to strangle her.

He was choking me, saying “F—king b—h, I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you. No, no. I told you, it’s just me and you.”

Thankfully, 3 factory workers passed by and intervened to help Barney. The police was notified but Drayton wasn’t arrested. Although Drayton didn’t successfully murder Barney, that didn’t stop him from stalking her. Barney claims that Drayton proceeded to verbally abuse Barney online as he allegedly slashed her tires and threatened to kill her young son.

Police Believe That Danueal Drayton May Have Killed 7 Other Women:

Not only has Danueal Drayton been accused of murdering Samantha Stewart but police believe that he killed 5 other women. Drayton reportedly didn’t admit to murdering Stewart but he also discussed killing 5 other women. It appears that Drayton was using dating sites to meet women as he met Stewart on Tinder.

Margaret Wright Stewart, Samantha Stewart’s mother, and her best friend, Margaret Foster, shared  that Samantha had a lovely smile.

It was the most beautiful smile, Ms. Wright Stewart said to New York Times. 

Ms. Wright Stewart said her daughter wanted to meet someone and get married, but rarely spoke about dating. Ms. Stewart and Ms. Foster said they did not blame Tinder for Samantha’s death. Plenty of people, they said, met their soul mates through the platform.

She just trusted someone who had bad intentions, and now she’ll never be able to recover from it, Ms. Foster said. But this isn’t the last person that this will happen to.

According to the Charlotte Observer,  Drayton, has history of violence against women, including arrests for unlawful imprisonment and strangulation in Connecticut, had bought a one-way ticket to California almost immediately after Stewart was killed. He allegedly bought the one way ticket with Stewart’s credit card.

Drayton was arrested last week in Los Angeles by a regional fugitive task force after the police in New York tracked him to a hotel room there, law enforcement authorities said. When Mr. Drayton was found, officers discovered he had raped a woman and was holding her captive after sharing an Uber ride. As stated earlier, Drayton not only confessed to murdering Stewart but also boasted about killing six other women. He claims to have killed two in Connecticut, slain women in the Bronx and Suffolk County, as well as another murder in Queens or Nassau County.

My body did this, not my mind, Drayton allegedly told police. I didn’t want to do this. My body made me do this.

Drayton faces charges of attempted murder, rape, penetration with a foreign object and false imprisonment. He is expected to be extradited from Los Angeles to New York.