[Video] Woman Wears Engagement Ring For A Year Without Knowing

Posted On : May 13, 2017

While it seems a mystery, it’s actually quite slick how the fiancé gets her to wear the engagement ring for a whole year without knowing.

SMOO CAVE, NORTHERN SCOTLAND — Honestly, this probably would’ve gotten anyone. After you see how he does it, you might be suspicious of everything with your companion.

Terry was slick…

According to Huffington Post, Terry and fiancée Anna had been together for a year before he attempted the year-long proposal.

They were actually celebrating their one-year anniversary in 2015.

As a gift, Terry had the idea to make Anna a necklace. Literally, he carved Huon pine into a charm and placed it on a string.

It was significant to her — so important, she wore it every single day, as you’ll see in the video below.


After a year and a half of this, they planned a trip to Northern Scotland. According to the source, they had talked about visiting Smoo Cave.

Apparently, “smoo” is Norse for “hiding place.”

While the couple was taking pictures for their memories, he asked for her necklace — still keeping his composure.

He told her he wanted to take a photo of it with a backdrop of the scenery.

Oh yeah. Terry’s a slick one.

So, when he returned the necklace, he dropped to one knee and broke the necklace open.

The ring was inside the entire time.

The Huffington Post quoted him as follows.

“She stood there with this completely confused and dumbfounded look on her face, and when she finally worked out what had just happened, she yelled, ‘Yes!’ and pounced on me. It actually took her a couple of moments to understand that the ring had been in the necklace the entire time since I gave it to her. She flipped out ― ‘Wait, it’s been in there the entire time?! I could have lost it, you f**king idiot!’, which was a hilarious mix of happy and angry.”

Touching, right?

The couple wants to have the wedding at their future home. That way, they can be surrounded by their friends and loved ones.

After a proposal like that, why not?

If you’d like to see the couple’s video, it’s located below.

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[Featured Photo via YouTube]

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