Woman Went Missing After Having An Argument With Her Girlfriend And Her Family Suspects Foul Play

Posted On : December 5, 2017
Jasmine Moody

Jasmine Moody was excited about spending the holidays with her girlfriend. Moody had met the woman on Twitter and she traveled a long way to see her. However, during their visit, the two friends allegedly had an argument and Moody hasn’t been seen since.

Here’s What We Know:

Jasmine Moody was a student at Texas Women’s University. Her parents shared that she was on the honor roll and very intelligent. On Twitter, Moody met a young woman, Brittany Gurley, and the ladies allegedly had a romantic courtship for 2 years. For the holidays, Moody decided to visit Gurley in Michigan as she lived in Detroit. Just in time for Thanksgiving, Moody flew to Michigan to spend time with Gurley as she arrived on November 25th 2014. What happened next is a mystery.

Jasmine Moody was a student at Texas Women’s University.

The day before Moody was planning to return to Texas, according to Fox 2 News, she got into an argument with Gurley. The argument was allegedly over Facebook and Gurley was apparently so heated that she stormed out of her home to have a cigarette. It’s hard to determine what happened next as the story has changed multiple times.

The family of Gurley claims that Moody followed Gurley on the front porch with her things as she was planning to leave. While the ladies were outside, Gurley allegedly took Moody’s things from her as she tried to stop her from leaving. Moody had only been to Detroit twice but she allegedly stormed off without her belongings. Gurley also spoke with CBS News in 2015 as she stated that they had a fight and Moody just stormed off without a word.

In my heart I know she’s OK. She probably out here doing what she wanna do, Gurley said to CBS. I think, honestly, the reason why she left was she was running from something that ain’t had nothing to do with me.

Brittany Gurley

Jasmine Moody’s family doesn’t believe that she would just walk off without her things. They also believe that if she was alive, she would have contacted them by now. In 2105, Moody’s stepfather spoke with CBS in heartache as he missed his daughter.

It’s been a year, and I haven’t heard her voice. I don’t know whether she’s alive; I don’t know if she’s dead, Kidd told WWJ’s Vickie Thomas and other reporters.If anybody done know anything, anything…please, please come forward. Please, just put yourself in my shoes, he said. I got tears coming because I want you to see the frustration and the pain that I’m really going through.

Moody was last seen wearing a white Texas Woman’s University hoodie sweatshirt, blue jeans and brown boots and has a tattoo of a flower on her stomach, nose and tongue piercings. Gurley, however, was last seen holding a baby as she is a mother now and living her life. Yet, no one knows what happened to Jasmine Moody and it’s been 3 years. The last person to speak with her was Brittany Gurley.

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