Woman’s Ex-Boyfriend Cheated, Goes Viral After She Exposes Text Messages

Posted On : August 7, 2017

When most men are caught cheating, their first thought is to lie at all cost. Even if they’re caught red-handed, they probably still feel the urge to at least try to lie their way out. Apparently, that’s what happened when one guy came up with such a ridiculous excuse for cheating on his girlfriend. He went above and beyond to try and justify his actions. However, his girlfriend wasn’t havin’ it so she outed him on social media. Now, screenshots of his so-called excuse have gone viral and many people are wondering why he believed he had a chance with it.

Explaining His Actions:

The woman, whose name is Bella, took to Twitter to share her frustrations with her followers. Her boyfriend cheated and he tried to pull out every trick in the book to prove it just wasn’t his fault. He started by blamin’ it all on alcohol, claiming he was drunk and it just kinda happened. Then, he went all the way left when he actually admitted he cheated. Not only did he admit he did it, but he offered yet another excuse for his actions. He claimed he cheated to save the world from cancer; as if his cheating was a noble act on behalf of mankind.

Check out the screenshots of the text message conversation:

Twitter Reacts:

Since the ridiculous text messages were shared on Twitter, Bella’s posts have gone viral. Thousands of Twitter users have even shared their opinion of her ex-boyfriend’s weak explanation and, of course, the tweets are hilarious. As expected, some people dragged her ex-boyfriend to hell. Tons of Twitter users responded with hilarious memes and gifs. Some women even advised Bella to walk away and never look back. Check out some of the tweets:

But surprisingly, some Twitter users actually suggested she give him a second chance because he worked so hard to come up with an excuse he thought would work.

Hopefully, this guy’s blunder is an example for others who attempt to lie their way out of a fiasco. Unfortunately, you’d probably do better just telling the truth. His statement was so far-fetched he never had a chance.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!