Woman’s PSA Goes Viral — ‘Stop F**king Me Like You Wanna Marry Me…’

Posted On : October 12, 2018

Woman's PSA Goes Viral — 'Stop F--king Me Like You Wanna Marry Me...'

INLAND EMPIRE, CALIFORNIA — It happens. You get the best sex of your life, then……you’re friend zoned. Well, this woman is tired of it, and her “public service announcement” has gone extra viral.


According to Twitter user Ms. Darby, there’s a big problem in her world — as well as that of others who feel her pain.

“Fellas. Public service announcement,” Darby states at the beginning of her video. “Stop f**king the s**t outta girls you don’t really like.”

If you don’t understand, she goes into instant elaboration.

“As you witness here, on the stroke chart, you’ve got ‘Big Daddy’ strokes — five-star quality; ‘Daddy’ strokes — three-star; and we’ve got ‘Lil Daddy’ strokes. Anything below this is the friend zone. At this point, you’re getting f**ked because the batteries in my dildo aren’t working.”

“SO, for all you guys handing out ‘Big Daddy’ strokes and wanting ‘Friend Zone’ expectations…stop it,” Darby continues, seemingly exhausted by the thought. “If you’re going to ‘Friend Zone’ my heart, go ahead and ‘Friend Zone’ this coochie while you’re at it.”

“Stop f**king me like you wanna marry me…’cause you’re confusing me. Thank you.”

Darby states that guys should “act accordingly to the chart.” Is she right?

If you’re interested in her video, check it below.

How many times have you encountered some of the best sex ever, only to find out later — after seeking immediate proposal — that your number is blocked and you’ve been unfriended?

Good sex can make you crazy. It happens. However, many times, that onset craziness only comes if the aforementioned parameters are misunderstood or “complicated.”

If it’s not established that “it’s just sex” in the beginning, higher expectations might be construed — making your “situationship” out to be something it’s not.


While it’s convenient for women not to receive “Big Daddy” strokes with “Friend Zone” intentions, following Darby’s chart wouldn’t be feasible according to the fellas.

It’s no secret that women talk. If a guy gives out a “Lil Daddy” or “Friend Zone” stroke, it’s possible that they’ll be talked about to her friends, right? Thus, unjustly ruining his possible “Big Daddy” stroke reputation — when he was simply trying to be considerate of her feelings.

Maybe it’s best to discuss the situation before starting? “You’re just my friend, but you’re about to get this ‘Big Daddy’ stroke…’cause I can’t afford for you dissing me to your friends.”

You know, something like that? But then again…that’s the purpose of Darby’s video, right?

Is it a “Catch-22”?


Since Ms. Darby tweeted her video, it’s received over 1,300 retweets and 3,800 likes. By Twitter standards, that’s huge. Views and impressions are significantly larger than a tweet’s engagements.

Just ballparking, she’s possibly nearing half a million views with that particular engagement — at the least, over 150,000 views.

But all in all, let us know your thoughts about Darby’s video. Is she right or wrong? Is there a gray area? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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[Featured Photo via Ms. Darby / Twitter]