Woman’s Bizarre, But Sexy Photos With Her BAE Has Been Shared Over 20,000 Times

Posted On : June 7, 2018

A woman named Maria Smith has gone viral as people are enamored with pictures from her romantic weekend. With no shame in her game, Smith doesn’t mind putting her love on display.

Posted by Maria Smith on Thursday, June 7, 2018


Woman’s Photos Of Black Love Have Gone Viral:

A woman named Maria Smith enjoyed a hot tub with her child’s father. On her Facebook page, Smith posted photos of her mate in the nude. In addition, she posted a photo of her licking her man’s toes. It’s quite possible that Smith’s beau in the photos is named “Rashad” as she has that name tattooed on her chest. The photos of Maria and Rashad have gone viral with over a thousand likes as they have been shared over 20,000 times.

Take A Look At The Photos Below:

Maria Smith’s Facebook page is filled with photos of herself with her mate as they are pretty affectionate and open about their relationship. Smith’s photos have been discussed on social media with many people criticizing Smith for “doing too much”. Looking at Smith’s photos reminded me of a message that actress Gabrielle Union was trying to send in her book, We’re Going To Need More Wine. In the book, Union speaks about about the importance of reciprocity in a sexual relationship. For example, some women have expressed interest in their sexual partners licking their toes. However, are there any women that would admit to sucking their man’s toes?

Gabrielle Union Thinks That Sexual Gratification Should Include BOTH Partners:

People are often so quick to judge. After Maria Smith shared a photo of herself with her man’s toe in her mouth, many social media followers called her “foul” and “nasty”. While it may not be your cup of tea but maybe that’s what Smith’s man enjoys. In promoting her book, Union shared that ” Judgement about sexual gratification is what keeps people sexually repressed & having uneven sexual experiences”. It is just a toe! Is it that shocking that a woman has a toe in her mouth? You’d be surprised at how many people in the world have foot fetishes.

Steph Curry Has A Foot Fetish Too:

When Ayesha Curry was on The Real, she revealed that her NBA husband, Stephen Curry, is in love with her feet. Stephen Curry’s love for his wife’s feet was exposed on the daytime talk show when one of the hosts asked Ayesha to show everyone a weird photo on her phone, she pulled up a shot of her bare feet.

My husband really loves my feet, Ayesha explained, and so the light was hittin’ them just right that day and so, I was like, let me just snap this photo and send him a picture of my feet.

Ayesha didn’t stop there with the TMI, adding that instead of sending traditional nude pics, she sends pics of her feet.

 I always say, when he says to send nudes, that’s what he’s getting — a picture of my bare feet.

Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Love:

When Gabrielle Union was on Sway In The Morning, she encouraged women to not be ashamed of their bedroom activity. While feet fetishes were not discussed, the topic of “eating groceries” was brought up. Union mentioned that if women expect for their mate to deliver, they shouldn’t mind delivering as well. The actress who is married to basketball star DWyane Wade stated that women should be givers as well as takers.

While a lot of women do enjoy providing fellatio, for sure there needs to be some cunnilingus… And then ask him to eat your *ss. … If you’re going to be offering blow jobs willy nilly there should be some pleasure you experience in return. It’s only fair, Gabrielle said on Sway In The Morning

When one of the hosts asked her if a guy eating a girl’s butt means the girl would then have to eat the guy’s butt, here’s what Union had to say:

If we’re talking about equal time here, reciprocity, then yes, Union replied.

When the host tried to imply that men weren’t into butt play, Union quickly shut him down.

That’s what they say. That’s what they’re saying, but it’s not what’s happening, Union clapped back.

In short, live your best life, Kings and Queens.  Don’t let society prevent you from getting whatever pleasure you want.