YFN Lucci Exposed For Cheating Again, Two Women Come Forward w/ Receipts

Posted On : October 16, 2018

Reginae and YFN Lucci have been together for quite some time but like many other celebrity relationships, there has been drama and cheating rumors. So, it comes as no surprise that they’ve parted ways. A few months ago, Lucci found himself at the center of an alleged cheating scandal but managed to get out of that situation. Now, the rumors are haunting him yet again, but this time there are two women with lots of receipts. In many cases, women have posted screenshots of text conversations exposing the man but these ladies have a little more heat. They’re bringin’ photos and videos and it’s quite clear Lucci is the man on camera. It all started last weekend when photos surfaced on social media.

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Messin’ Around On the Weekend?:

According to Dallas Black, two women took to Instagram with photos of Lucci allegedly cheating on Reginae last weekend. The photos showed the famed rapper laying in a bed inside what appears to be a hotel room. One of the women included a caption about the incident claiming Lucci tried to take their cell phones because he has a “b***h.” Despite his relationship with Reginae and him not wanting his girlfriend to be tipped off, the woman refused to give up her cell phone and ultimately did the one thing Lucci didn’t want her to do: film him. To make matters worse, one of the women not only posted the incriminating photos, she also tagged Reginae to the post.

Check out screenshots of the posts:

A Private Personal Life:

The latest news follows Reginae’s previous statement explaining why she prefers to keep her relationships private. The 19-year-old shared her reaction to seeing reports about her previous relationship for the first time. At that moment, she decided it would be best to keep her personal life private and off social media. “I remember my first time that The Shade Room ever posted something of me and my relationship with my ex. Like the girl, I DMed her or whatever and she posted [it]. She sent it to The Shade Room, and it was everywhere.”

“I have a friend, but you know, no one would ever know about him because, with my last relationship, I felt like once you put something out into the world, that is when people start to have ulterior motives,” she had shared. “I got played twice, when I turned sixteen by my best friend, and I started meeting some opportunists and people that wear masks. That taught me to really not let no one in, cuz they were my real close friends.”
However, Reginae didn’t take her own advice because she decided to go public about her relationship with Lucci earlier this year. Back in March, Reginae shared her prom picture and fans were shocked to see the famed rapper was her date. Shortly after that, the cheating reports began surfacing but Reginae seemed determined to make it work. Just a couple weeks before the latest cheating scandal, Reginae and Lucci made headlines for their risque Instagram Live video. Although fans have never been thrilled about the relationship due to the 10-year age difference between Reginae and Lucci, the Instagram Live video only made things worse. Many fans are probably happy the relationship has ended because they saw it as a disaster waiting to happen. Best of luck to Reginae and Lucci.