Don’t Let This Social Media Challenge Get You Hurt! #YouCanComeOver

Posted On : March 24, 2017

There’s a new challenge going around social media, and it defies all common sense. With all the crimes of passion happening, this challenge just isn’t logical.

— Somewhere Scratching My Head

There are countless reasons not to do this challenge.

Outside the scope of the “challenge,” would you ever intentionally say anything you know would enrage your companion or spouse?

Of course not, right?

So, why in the hell would people ever think it’d be okay just because it’s a “challenge”? Their companions don’t know that.

There are just some people you don’t play with like that.

But, a lot of people are doing it.

It only takes a second for some people to pull a trigger.

So Frickin’ Stupid!…

In case you missed it, this particular one is called the “You Can Come Over” challenge.

Essentially, you’re supposed to text your gf/bf/wifey/hubby something stupid like, “You can come over now, my [insert here] just left for work and won’t be back until way later; we’ve got time.”

Afterwards, you sit back and wait for your companion to react. Then, you “apologize” for sending it to “the wrong person.”

The most BUFFOONISH attempt on your relationship you could ever pull.

You Don’t Play with Folks Emotions Like That

One girl did it to her boyfriend.

He brought his whole squad over to her house. [Video below.]

He told her he was going to “f**k up” both of them — the girl and the “wrong person.”

And, she was standing there laughing to herself. Smh.

Pure foolery.

There are several cases where people are playing with their significant others’ emotions. Here’s another.

And another.

And another, still.

And some more…



Spongebob - What in Tarnation

This Is Not a Game…

Obviously, none of the aforementioned people are ready to be in a relationship. Either that, or they don’t value their lives or the feelings of their companion.

It’s nonsense, and I hope none of you reading this decides to try it. It’d be a vast disappointment for humanity.

Overall, we’d love to know your thoughts regarding this challenge. Feel free to share your comments in via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via Twitter]