Young Nurse And Mother Was Killed Despite Doing All The Right Things To Save Her Life

Posted On : August 25, 2018

Before Brodrick Edwards and Gabrielle Bessix lost their lives, many people thought they were the perfect couple. However, pictures have a way of hiding the truth. About 11 months ago, Brodrick Edwards created a video of his then girlfriend, Gabrielle Bessix. The video was shared to Facebook and Edwards captioned the video by stating that Bessix was his best friend as well as his girlfriend. A day ago, a Facebook user commented that she thought everything was good with Edwards and Bessix but now she knows that it wasn’t.

No One Thought Anything Was Wrong:

Baton Rouge, Louisiana woman, Gabrielle Bessix, 27, was a young mother and a nurse with a beautiful smile to match. Family members believed that Bessix’s former boyfriend, 25 year-old Brodrick Edwards, was the reason for that smile but they soon learned the truth. Gabrielle Bessix, was killed by Edwards, a man she once loved. After allegedly murdering Bessix, Edwards allegedly then turned the gun on himself and took his own life. Tabatha Coleman, Bessix’s cousin, shared with WECT that she didn’t realize things were so bad.

We pass by here a lot, daily, and never know anything. If I saw something, but never knew anything out of the ordinary, Coleman added.

It’s unclear how long Bessix had been abused but she tried to get help. Unfortunately, she was unable to save her life despite doing everything right.

Woman Killed In Murder-Suicide Was Granted Restraining Order Days Before Her Death:

Before Bessix was killed, she tried to put protective measures in place to save her life. According to WECT, Bessix did reach out for help. On July 24, she filed for a restraining order. In the request, she detailed an incident where Edwards allegedly choked her and threatened to kill her. The order was granted on August 15, five days before she was killed. The documents stated that the two had previously had a live-in relationship, but Bessix had told him she no longer wanted to be with him due to previous instances of abuse. In the request, she alleged her ex had stalked and physically abused her. Bessix tried to use the law to protect herself but it seems like the law failed her. It appears that in this case, the restraining order was just a piece of paper.

She did everything that you would want someone to do, explained District Attorney Hillar Moore. She filed a report. She went as far as obtaining a temporary restraining order.

Baton Rouge Police Department reported that there was an altercation between Bessix and Edwards. Then, Bessix called a friend, a 27-year-old female, to come to the house. As the friend arrived, Edwards was seen chasing Bessix from the home before shooting her. Edwards then fired shots that hit the friend, but she was able to flee the area. Police say Edwards then shot and killed himself. Both Bessix and Edwards were pronounced dead on the scene.

Ezekial Talbert, a neighbor, told a local TV station that seeing yellow crime tape so close to home is a wake-up call.

The times that we’re living in, crime is going everywhere, there is no safe place, there is no totally safe place, Talbert told WAFB-TV. Crime is everywhere and it’s going into the affluent neighborhoods where you normally don’t hear it.

Bessix has a 9-year-old daughter who was at school when her mother was murdered. To save herself, Bessix did all the right things. Sadly, a simple paper document couldn’t stop Bessix’s life from being taken away. There needs to be something in place to protect women like Bessix so that we can prevent crimes like this from taking place.