Zoe Kravitz Recreates Mom Lisa Bonet’s Iconic Rolling Stone Shoot – Thirty Years Later

Posted On : October 29, 2018

When Lisa Bonet posed nude for Rolling Stone’s Hot Issue back in 1988, it was a defiant act of rebellion. At the tender age of just 16, she shot to international fame with the 1984 premiere of The Cosby Show.

The show became an instant hit and Bonet’s portrayal of flighty teen Denise Huxtable resonated with fans. So much so, in 1987 she became the focus of a spinoff called A Different WorldDenise’s adventures at her parents’ fictional alma mater, Hillman College made her a huge star. 

But the young woman behind the lovable and relatable role was still searching for her place in the world.

Bonet Wanted Her Cover To Be Nude


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Much to her TV dad Bill Cosby’s dismay, Bonet featured in a blood-soaked sex scene in Alan Parker’s Angel Heart. 

She then appeared topless in Andy Warhol’s Interview. Her personal life was just as adventurous. Bonet eloped with rockstar Lenny Kravitz at the age of 20. All these milestones took place before 1987 was complete.

Gracing the cover of Rolling Stone’s Hot Issue in May 1988, Bonet would become a first time mom in December of that year. On the 1st of that month Zoë Isabella Kravitz came into the world. Who would have thought 30 years later, she would be recreating the same Rolling Stone cover?

On Sunday, Zoe Kravitz shared on Instagram her recreated image of her mom’s iconic photoshoot.I’ve always loved that cover so much,” Zoe, 29, told the magazine for their November issue. “When I think of Rolling Stone, that’s always the image that pops into my head. It’s a really striking image of her. It’s beautiful.”

Unlike her daughter, Bonet was only partially nude on the cover of Rolling Stone. At the time, the magazine chose to run Lisa’s fully nude photos hidden within the issue. “I think she was a little bummed when they used the shirt picture as the cover,” the Big Little Lies star said.

Kravitz says she decided to pose nude on her Rolling Stone cover with her mom in mind. 

Mom And Daughter Have Similar Ideas


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Just like they asked her mom 30 years ago, Rolling Stone asked Zoe to define the word “hot.”

“To me ‘hot’ means someone who’s vibrant and confident and comfortable with who they are,” Zoe said. 

“Young Mick Jagger. Aretha Franklin. When somebody allows themselves to be who they are unapologetically—and they’re a good person—that’s really hot.” 

Lisa Bonet’s 1988 answer surprisingly similar. “People think you’re hot if you’re on TV,’ she said. ‘To me, hot means uncompromising. It means nonconforming, not afraid, just be what you are and what you feel.”

When the magazine told Zoe what her mom said she was floored. Kravitz responded: “Wow, that’s so cool! We’re the same! I’ve genuinely never [heard] her answer to that. She instilled that in me I guess. That’s so cool.”