Zonnique Speaks Out About Her Parents Tiny & T.I.’s Divorce

Posted On : June 6, 2017


Tameka “Tiny” Cottle’s oldest daughter, Zonnique Pullins, is probably more aware of her parents’ marital problems than all of her other siblings. Since T.I. has been a father-figure for the 18-year-old since she was just a small child, many fans have wondered how the split has affected her. Now, the Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta star is speaking out about her parents’ highly publicized marital downfall and she has a surprising take on all of the drama, reports Hollywood Life.

Not Much Has Changed:

During a recent interview, Zonnique was asked about her parents current dynamic and whether or not the split has affected her relationship with her stepfather. Although her parents aren’t exactly amicable right now, she revealed it hasn’t changed much about her relationship with T.I. “It seems really the same to me, I would say. I still get to see pops and all my other siblings all the time. I feel like they still see each other. Everything is still the same.”

She also revealed she wasn’t upset when they desired to air their personal lives on reality television. Zonnique said, “I was really proud. I felt like we are about to show some real drama. Our show is always so family oriented and always so positive. Even if it starts bad, it always ends positive. So I wanted to see some messy stuff. I was ready for it to be a little different and for people to see what really goes on inside a marriage.”

Staying In Her Place:

Zonnique’s latest statements follow a previous interview where she was asked about T.I. She offered a similar perspective and claimed it’s always felt as if they were married long before they actually tied the knot. Since T.I. came into her life at the age of 5, he’s always been a father-figure to her. However, she did reveal she has witnessed some of the marital problems they’ve faced.
“I got to watch so many ups and downs. He says I was 5 when he came around, but I didn’t even know it was that early. But just watching them, and being able to see the ins and out of it, the ups and downs, I learned to more just stay out of it.”
But despite being okay with her parents’ decision to share details about their lives on television, she’s admitted she has no plans to share details about her relationship on reality television. For those who don’t know, Zonnique is dating her high school sweetheart. But, she has made it clear he won’t be appearing on Growing Up Hip Hop. She plans to keep her personal life separate from her private life. “I don’t like how attached people get to your relationship. If something happens in your relationship, they wanna know what happened, they wanna bring your old boo up… People just get too attached.”

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!